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You used these citations and quotes in the essay. No not used my writing Annota

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You used these citations and quotes in the essay. No not used my writing
Annotated Bibliography
“Team Sports Reduce Health Risks.” The Lancet (British Edition), vol. 362, no. 9387, Elsevier B.V, 2003, p. 885–.
For my topic of how everyone should try and play school sports in high school I choose this source for multiple reasons. Not only does playing a sport in high school help your mental status but there are also many benefits to our physical health. Stated in the article “Team Sports reduce Health Risks”, it states,” High-school students who are both physically active outside school and participate in team sports have a lower risk for use of cigarettes or drugs and for engaging in risky sexual behavior”. [ Elsevier B.V] When trying to be successful in life all these aspects play a major role what path you go down. When you play sports, you have less time to mess around and potentially get stuck doing something that could alter your future. This ties into my essay perfectly of showing the pros of playing sports.
Manjeet Singh Arora. “National Sports Day 2021: The Many Benefits of Playing Sports.” Free Press Journal, Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd, 2021.
There are many obvious health benefits that come from playing sports in high school. However, many benefits are not thought of off the top of our heads. This leads into why I choose the article; the author goes through all the health benefits but then also says, “Sport teaches teamwork and problem-solving skills: Fighting for a common goal with a group of players and coaches teaches you how to build teamwork and effectively communicate to solve problems”. [Arora] Teamwork is an important skill to develop to help prepare you for when you get a job. Not a lot of businesses will hire you if you don’t know how to work well with others. A lot of jobs require you to work well with others to get projects done by a certain time frame. This is my reason for going with this point.
“Para-Athlete, Stef Reid, Joins Forces with Always to Show the World That the Benefits of Playing Sport During Puberty Go Far Beyond the Track.” PR Newswire Europe Including UK Disclose, PR Newswire Association LLC, 2021.
Self-esteem plays a major role with high schoolers especially in this age. Social media is so popular among kids these days that everyone is comparing each other to the famous social media influencers. The author in the article …” the benefits of playing sport during puberty go far beyond the track”. States that, “according to the research, women who played sport during puberty said that it helped them learn how to persevere (23%) and helped them to develop their self-esteem”. [Reid] Playing sports in high school has so many benefits that will improve our youth. The main reason I choose to go with the article is because I feel girls in high school have the hardest time with how they feel about themselves. For example, in high school I dated a girl for 3 years that ended up in a suicide center due to the fact of her feeling her body wasn’t good enough.
Christina Howard. “Children Benefit from Playing Sports To Your Health.” Maryland Gazette (Glen Burnie, Md.: 1973), Tribune Interactive, LLC, 2016.
Managing your time is a huge aspect when becoming an adult. I have learned a lot this year living on my own and therefore I choose this article. The author Christina Howard continues to talk about how playing sports teaches you how to manage your time wisely. For example, in the article it says, “Being a part of a sports team also incentivizes proper time management skills which directly apply to schoolwork”. [Howard] In a separate paragraph she also states that “Children learn to balance their school activities while also balancing their athletics.” When you must balance school with your sports it really shows your maturity. I know this personally growing up I played baseball, basketball, and was on the swim team. I learned fast if your grades are bad, you won’t be able to compete.
Findlay, Leanne C., and Robert J. Copland. “Come Out and Play: Shyness in Childhood and the Benefits of Organized Sports Participation.” Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, vol. 40, no. 3, Educational Publishing Foundation, 2008, pp. 153–61,
This article has many interesting points on benefits measured when participating in sports. Personally, I choose this article due to the range of information. The author makes it very easy to understand the information. This will be very helpful when writing my essay. It states in the article that, “Overall, results indicated that sport participation was positively related to indices of positive adjustment (e.g., social skills, self-esteem).”[Leanne] It continues to go on about how kids that behavioral issues have changed there was when participating in sports. This shows how beneficial sports are to everyone dealing with issues.
Schoellkopf, Nico, and Deborah Edwards. “Maximizing Positive Social Impacts: Strategies for Sustaining and Leveraging the Benefits of Intercommunity Sport Events in Divided Societies.” Journal of Sport Management, vol. 26, no. 5, 2012, pp. 379–90,
Finally, I choose this last article because I felt it really shows how sports prepare you for your careers. You don’t really think about how a career and a real job will be. It talks about how team sports prepare you for life. Not only does it talk about how you learn but also how coaches are preparing their athletes for life. It states in the paragraph that, “Benefits of this role include high levels of mental stimulation, the pursuit of new knowledge and understanding, opportunities to nurture engaged students, and the study of interesting topics”. [Schoellkopf] This is from the coaches’ point of view and explains how they develop their athletes. I thought it was very interesting to hear from the coaches’ point of view

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