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Read “Homeless on Campus” (pgs. 764 – 768) Write a reader response (at least 200

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Read “Homeless on Campus” (pgs. 764 – 768)
Write a reader response (at least 200 words total) to this excerpt by answering the following questions:
This text reports on the general topic of homeless college students. What is Bader’s specific point? How do you know? How else could she have made her point explicit?
Bader’s PURPOSE in this report is to make visible college students who are homeless and to report on some of the causes. How does this purpose affect the way the report is written? Point to specific examples from the text in your response.
Bader ends her essay with a powerful quote from a teacher she calls B.R.: “[The students] knew that school would be their saving grace, that knowledge was the only thing that couldn’t be snatched.” What does B.R. mean by this observation? In what ways can an education help such students, and in what ways might it be misleading to think that an education alone will solve all of their problems?
Consider the number of NARRATIVES in this report. Why do you think Bader includes so many? What other kinds of WELL – RESEARCHED INFORMATION does she include, if any? What additional kinds of information might she have used to help accomplish her purpose?

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