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Please respond to a classmates post to a discussion post using atleast 300 words

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Please respond to a classmates post to a discussion post using atleast 300 words.
Caitlin Creedon-Booth
Hey Everyone!
For this weeks discussion post, I will be talking about mumps. Mumps
are caused by morbillivirus. It is also known as red measles and
rubeola. These are different from German measles. Mumps is a viral
infection that affects the salivary glands and it is easily prevented by
a vaccine. Mumps affect the parotid glands, salivary glands below and
in front of the ears. The disease spreads trough infected saliva. Mumps
are very contagious and can also be transmitted through aerosols. Humans
are the only reservoir. There are less than 100 cases a year in the
Untied States. People can experience no symptoms with mumps but others
can have swollen, painful salivary glands, fever, headaches, fatigue and
also can experience loss of appetite. Treatment for the mumps can focus
on symptom relief. Recovery can take up to 2 weeks. The MMR Vaccine is
very beneficial. Symptoms can typically occur within 16-18 days after
exposure to said virus. About 1/3 of all cases are asymptomatic. There
are some complications to be mindful of mumps. Some complication could
include: deafness, inflammatory diseases such as orchitis, oophoritis
and also pancreatitis. During infection, the virus first infects the
upper respiratory tract. From there, it will spread to the salivary
glands and the lymph nodes. Infection of the lymph nodes leads to
presence of the virus in the blood, which can then spread the virus
throughout the entire body. This virus is usually self-limiting, coming
to an end as the immune system will eventually clear this infection.
Mumps historically has been a highly prevalent disease, commonly
occurring in outbreaks in densely crowded spaces. Outbreaks can normally
occur in childhood ranging from the age group 5-9.
Questions on Mumps Virus?
How serious is Mumps?
Is Mumps deadly?
Can you get Mumps more than once?
How is Mumps diagnosed?

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