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Literature Review paper about an Ethical dilemma: Ethical dilemma: A woman went

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Literature Review paper about an Ethical
Ethical dilemma:
woman went to the hospital for her scheduled cesarean section. While in the
recovery service, the nurse detected that the puerperal woman had abundant
vaginal bleeding. The nurse notified the doctor, and this diagnosis was uterine
atony. The doctor recommended an urgent transfusion, and the puerperal woman
refused because she is a Jehovah’s witness, and this procedure goes against her
beliefs. (Ethical principal conflict between autonomy
versus beneficence). What do the nurse do to
solve this conflict following the ethical
Decision-Making Process to resolve this Problem.
· APA format 7 edition.
· References only five references within 5 years (2017
to 2021)
Seven pages
PAGE 1: Title, student name school, professor (follow APA 7)
PAGE 2: Abstract: Brief summary of the paper, what is about
250-300 words.
PAGE 3: Introduction: It presents the background to your
study, introduces your topic, and aims, and gives an overview of the paper. A
good introduction will provide a solid foundation and encourage readers to
continue on to the main parts of your paper. PROVIDE RELEVANT INFORMATION ABOUT
INVOLVED no more than 250 words include citations
from the refences page.
Discussion of the ethical
dilemma topic and literature review: how
the literature approach to the solution of the ethical conflict using the Decision-Making process to resolve this problem,
models utilized for the resolution of the ethical dilemma or unethical behavior.
Include citations from the refences page at the end
of every paragraphs.
PAGE 6: Conclusions: without citations and the resolution to
the ethical dilemma using the Decision-Making process.
PAGE 7: References: Five refences from 2017 to 2021 and have
to be cited in the develop of the paper.
Note: Ethical
Decision-Making Process
Step One: Define the Problem. …
Step Two: Seek Out Resources. …
Step Three: Brainstorm a List of Potential Solutions.

Step Four: Evaluate Those Alternatives. …
Step Five: Make Your Decision, and Implement It. …
Step Six: Evaluate Your Decision.

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