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After you read both articles, please choose only one question from the list bel

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After you read both articles, please choose only one question from the list below, and write a response. Your answer should be about 250 words. In your answer, it is very important that you refer to these two articles and support your statement with arguments and examples. You can either discuss examples from the texts or bring your own examples. Your response is short, so make sure that you are precise and focus on your statement and arguments. You do not need to introduce the topic, just focus on the position you decided to defend or argue against and support it with sub arguments.
What are the reasons that support the view that addiction is a brain disease? Do you agree that addicts are not responsible?
Can we claim that while addiction involves pathological neuropsychological dysfunction, it is not a brain disease because addicts can be cured?
If the addict’s function is not impaired, is it still a brain disease?
Why it’s important to define addiction as a brain disease? How does it help society?

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