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Write an essay in response to the following scenario and set of questions. I wou

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Write an essay in response to the following scenario and set of questions. I would estimate that you will need about 3-4 pages. Be as concise yet complete as you can be. Don’t fill up space with meaningless words. Organize your writing so that it makes clear sense. Make sure that you are able to refer to your knowledge of the ethical theories that we have studied and how they relate to the issue described and to the questions I have provided.
The big “shake” has finally happened! California has been devastated by a massive earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter Scale. Large sections of the state including San Francisco and its surroundings have been destroyed. In the city, most of the buildings have been destroyed or damaged. There have been over 100,000 deaths and four times that are injured seriously. Most of the population of the city is now displaced.
In this exam, you will be asked to take the role of several leading individuals. You will write what immediate plans they will make to respond to this disaster from the various positions and points of view. In each case, you must express a thorough knowledge of the ethical system(s) each leader will use to make his/her decisions and apply those ethical theory/theories either individually or in combination effectively to assist with the disaster. Be creative in your writing but be sure that you express a thorough knowledge of the chapters in the textbook.
Here is a list of the ethical theories to be used (or rejected with reasons if you choose): DO NOT allude to ethical theories. State them SPECIFICALLY in your paper.
1. Ethical Relativism (which may or may not actually be an ethical theory). This theory is really not a theory. It should not be used in your paper except you might say that a leader thinks she/he is using it, but then show its faults specifically.
2. Egoism – It is not enough to say that this theory involves meeting one’s own needs first. Be specific. Read your chapter.
3. Utilitarianism – it is not enough to say that this theory is the greatest good for the greatest number. Be specific. Read your chapter
4. Kant Moral Theory – It is not enough to say that this is a theory of rules or duty. What is the Categorical Imperative? How does it work in its various forms? Be specific. Read your chapter.
5. Divine Command Theory – It is not enough to simply assign this to the clergyperson. What does it mean? How can it be used? Be specific. Read your chapter.
6. Natural Law – It is not enough to say this is based on nature. What are the uses and pitfalls of natural law. Be specific. Read your chapter.
7. Virtue Ethics – This theory is about character, but it is not enough just to say that. How would a person’s virtues help her/him make decisions in your scenario. Be specific. Read your chapter.
8. Ethics of Care – It certainly will not be enough to say that a leader is caring. How is Ethics of Care derived? Be specific. Read your chapter.
9. Existential Ethics – Yes, it involves authenticity. But, how does a person discover authenticity? How would an existentialist decide what to do as a leader?
Here are the leaders. You will take the role of EACH ONE using ALL of them and respond to the disaster in an ethically appropriate way. It will be up to you to imagine the situations to which they will be responding beyond my description.
A. The Director of FEMA Federal Emergency response is in charge of all Federal responses including temporary housing, emergency removal of dead and injured people, removal of the rubble, and rebuilding of the city.
B. The Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of San Francisco is in charge of humane disposal of bodies, funeral services, and pastoral care for the injured, the bereaved, and families of injured and displaced persons.
C. The Mayor of San Francisco is responsible for marshaling the relief agencies of the city and for speaking to the population with words of encouragement.
D. The Director of the San Francisco Joint Hospital Response Team is responsible for direct action in the devastated areas, decisions about who to care for and how to care for them through hospitals, clinics, and mobile medical facilities.

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