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Watch the movie: Twelve Angry Men. (This can be found on-line or borrowed from a

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Watch the movie: Twelve Angry Men. (This can be found on-line or borrowed from a library)
Please answer the following questions in at least 800 words. Please answer in question format: 1A: 1B: 2A: 2B: etc. Please carefully read the following instructions:
For every question: A. Explain and define the terms that are CAPITALIZED B. Answer the question and include specific examples from the movie that help to answer the question.
1. How does watching this movie improve your awareness and understanding of CRITICAL THINKING and uncritical thinking?
2. What did you learn from the movie about how BIAS affects the way people think and act?
3. How did EMPATHY (or lack thereof) play a part in the juror’s decision-making? (Be sure to give specific examples).
4. What did you witness about the problems with FIRST HAND OBSERVATIONS and TESTIMONIES?
5. Analyze one of the characters for his VALUES. Think about what we learned in this class regarding values. Identify one or more strong values of one of the characters. How did his values affect his actions?
I am looking for coherent, specific answers that prove you understand the concepts and how they relate to the issues in the movie. Points will be taken off for typos or incorrect grammar, so please closely edit your answers. I trust this to be your own work. You may refer to my notes or other resources as needed, but remember to make the information your own and use proper referencing. You may work with a tutor on grammar and editing if necessary. Please do your work in a word attachment if at all possible.

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