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Research Paper: Historical Biography of Augustine of Hippo Nature and purpose o

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Research Paper: Historical Biography of Augustine of Hippo
Nature and purpose of research paper:The paper should be
organized as follows:
1. Historical Biography (8-10 pages): With historical
precision and accuracy, introduce the
Augustine’s life, focusing on the most important events and
contributions. Rather than
writing a dry, historical record, colorfully depict the
story of Augustine’s life, showing
the reader what led Augustine to be so historically
significant. Be sure there is a
theological focus as well, demonstrating why Augustine was
characterized by certain
doctrinal and ecclesiastical beliefs.
2. Legacy and influence (2-3 pages): Having painted
Augustine’s life, explain what
Augustine’s legacy has been for the generations that
followed. In other words, define
the type of influence Augustine had and why. It may be
necessary to explain how
Augustine has been interpreted and whether or not such
interpretations are accurate.
3. Contemporary relevance (2 pages): Last, determine
what ways Augustine’s life and
thought may have relevance for Christian thought today.
Please avoid “hero worship.”
Instead, explain what the church today might learn
critically from this person’s
intellectual and ecclesiastical contribution.
4. Bibliography (1-2 pages)
Style and research requirements:
1) 12-15 double-spaced pages in length
2) 10 academic sources — Sources should be academic in
nature. Please avoid popular
level books that are not written by a scholar, contain no
research footnotes/endnotes, etc.
Suggested primary resources:
Augustine’s works are published in English by New City
Especially consult his works against the Pelagians, City of
God, Confessions,
works against the Arians, works against the Manicheans,
expositions on John.
But you need not limit yourself to these.
Some of his works are also published in the Nicene and
Post-Nicene Fathers series
Be sure to engage with Augustine’s works and not just
secondary sources.
Suggested secondary resources:
Peter Brown. Augustine of Hippo: A Biography. New edition.
University of California
Press, 2000.
Henry Chadwick. Augustine of Hippo: A Life. Cambridge
University Press, 2009.
Garry Wills. Saint Augustine. Viking, 1999.
Eleonore Stump and Norman Kretzmann, eds. The Cambridge
Companion to Augustine.
Cambridge, 2001.
Allan Fitzgerald, ed. Augustine through the Ages. Eerdmans,
Matthew Levering. Theology of Augustine. Baker Academic,
Gerald Bonner. St Augustine of Hippo: Life and
Controversies. Canterbury, 1963, 1987.
Rowan Williams. On Augustine. Bloomsbury, 2016.
Miles Hollingworth. Saint Augustine of Hippo. Oxford University
Press, 2013.
You may also use journal articles that are peer reviewed.
A peer reviewed journal is one
in which the article has been evaluated and approved by
external scholars. Most
journals will say if they are peer reviewed. Some, for
example, include: Journal of the
Evangelical Theological Society, Westminster Theological
Journal, Southern Baptist
Journal of Theology, Europea History Quarterly, Journal of
Theological Studies, Sixteenth
Century Journal, Themelios, Journal of Early Christian Studies,
Journal of Ecclesiastical
History, Church History, Studia Patristica, Scottish Journal
of Theology, Augustinian
Studies, etc.

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