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Link to art work : Anal

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Link to art work :
Analyze and Advocate Presentation
Create a presentation in Studio
Choose a work of art that you have researched online. Include a URL to the work that you viewed.
Go see the work in person. Make sure to include the specific location of the work along with the artist, title, and date of the work in the introduction. (this is important to verify that you viewed the work in person)
Present an analysis of the work that includes an introduction and conclusion as well as a engaging each of the following:
Describe subject matter
Describe formal features of the work (the most important elements and principles of art in the work)
Interpret the meaning of the work both visually and through research (include source information) Include comments on how the art historical period or historical context may influence the meaning of the work.
Evaluate both the Qualitative (what kind of value from the Value PowerPoint file (Links to an external site.)) and Quantitative (why it has more value than another similar piece) aspects of value. Include a similar work to compare value
Advocate for the work and the values it expresses. Explain why the work is important for others to experience. Make sure to reference the value of the work and why you are an advocate for it in both the introduction and conclusion. This is the main idea of the essay.
Make sure that your analysis does the following:
– advocates clearly for specific values that you identify in the work.
-contains vivid descriptions of subject matter and form (including the most relevant elements and principles of art the more the better)
-supports interpretations with observations and research (include URL or physical text reference to sources for research)
-leaves the reader with a clear understanding of your aesthetic and conceptual taste/values in visual art.
Specific Grading elements:
-Evidence of clarity and understanding of the Tools and Terms of Art Appreciation
-Depth of Engagement and Effort (especially in the descriptions and interpretations)
-Ability to clearly and effectively advocate for your values
-References research information effectively with credited sources. Research information used in support of observations as a secondary focus.
General Length guidelines: Overall length 5-10min (12min max)
A= covers all categories, shows a very high depth of engagement, shows individual insight, shows strong clarity and understanding of Tools, Terms, and Topics
B= covers all categories, shows a depth of engagement, shows strong clarity and understanding of Tools, Terms, and Topics
C= covers all categories, shows a moderate level of engagement, shows some clarity and understanding of Tools, Terms, and Topics
D= covers some categories, shows some engagement, shows some clarity and understanding of Tools, Terms, and Topics
F= minimal coverage of categories, shows minimal engagement, shows low clarity and understanding of Tools, Terms, and Topics

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