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Instructions: Choose two of the following five questions. You essay should be 2

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Instructions: Choose two of the following five questions. You essay should be 2-3 pages typed double space, with detail material, not only from class notes but from the text. You may use short quotes SPARINGLY. You must write in complete sentences (not bullet points). The goal is to demonstrate that you have done the reading, understand the material and can express your knowledge in an organized, coherent manner in your own words.
Remember to create an outline of the points you wish to make before beginning to write. Each essay should be edited for grammar, spelling, and typos. If the work is sloppy – even if some ideas are correct – you will not receive credit. If I find material that is “lifted” from any other source but your brain, notes and the text, you will not receive credit. Do NOT use outside sources.
You are welcome to join open office hours at 10am on Tuesday, 11/23 to ask for clarifications.
This assignment is to be uploaded on Blackboard in a single WORD document at the end of the day on Sunday, November 28th.
Choose 2 out of the following 5 essays.
1. What is the difference between Durkheim’s concept of society as “sui generis” and Comte’s concept of “social realism”? Give specific details!
2. As society modernized and industrialized, Durkheim expressed concern about the rise of “individualism.” What is the difference between egoism and individualism? How does Durkheim account for maintaining social solidarity even as individualism rises?
3. What are the differences in the way that a traditional society and a modern society responds to deviance andtransgression? What is the difference between restitutive responses and repressive responses? Why does this change occur?
4. Describe the characteristics of a social fact? How do they develop? How do they impact the individual? How can social facts be measured? How do they change?
5. Durkheim undertakes the study of suicide in order to show that a phenomenon that has been explained by individual pre-dispositions has social causes as well. Carefully describe how Durkheim pursued this study. What did he find with respect to religious affiliation and gender identity AND how did these findings “prove” the existence of causes that were specifically “social” in character?

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