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Hi I will copy and paste my professor’s instructions below. The assignment is to

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Hi I will copy and paste my professor’s instructions below. The assignment is to pick any noble prize from physics, chemistry, medicine, and physiology and make a presentation on it. One of the instructions are to not overfill the slides with words and to use more pictures but since I will have to present and be able to speak about the pictures could you put a small sum on the powerpoint slides and the rest on a google doc and label what is for which slide so that I would be able to elabeate. Thank you !
1. Your presentation should be in PowerPoint (or equivalent) format.
2. Your presentation should be 20-30 minutes in length.
3. You should spend the first 5 minutes introducing your topic so that the audience can easily understand the specifics of your presentation. Assume some basic knowledge and build on that.
4. DO NOT overload your slides with text. It is annoying and boring for the audience. Plus, when there is too much text on the slides, it causes you, the presenter, to READ your slides to the audience (see #5)
5. DO NOT read your slides to the audience.
6. DO make one major point per slide. For example, use one slide to describe one experiment. For each experiment (just like when you are writing a paper)…
a. State the question or hypothesis (this can be the TITLE of the slide!)
b. Explain how the question was addressed or how the hypothesis was tested
c. Point out and explain the result.
d. State what was concluded
7. Describe and focus on the slide you are projecting. It is very awkward when the presenter is talking about one thing while the projected slide shows an unrelated topic.
8. Use your laser pointer to describe the slides. Point out to the audience what you want them to see. Do not assume that the audience knows what they are supposed to be looking at. Practice using the laser pointer effectively. Do not point to every word on the slide as you read it (See #5).
9. End your presentation with conclusions. Do not just say “OK, that’s it!”
10. DO NOT intentionally try to confuse your audience! Some students mistakenly think that if they make their presentation difficult to follow, then no one will ask questions and they will have an easier time. The truth is that if your presentation is unclear, it will frustrate and anger the people who are evaluating you, which will result in a poor presentation grade. If your audience does not understand your presentation, then you were unclear. On the other hand, if people ask questions, then your presentation was clear and interesting and worthy of a good grade. Always remember…
a. People like to feel like they are smart.
b. When people are made to feel stupid, they get angry.
c. When people (especially professors) get angry, it affects your grade.

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