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Content of the Paper The content of your paper should include a thorough analysi

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Content of the Paper
The content of your paper should include a thorough analysis of each of the following:
Describe the prevailing value/ethical system in the companies for which you have worked.
What holiness concerns can you identify in your organization? How have or have not these been resolved?
Describe a situation in your organization that raises justice concerns. How was or was not this situation resolved, and was the resolution just?
In what ways can you apply the concept of vocation to your job and career? Are there barriers that affect your ability to live out your vocation at work?
Describe a workplace situation in which you have observed conduct that was legal but less than ethical. How did you and/or others involved handle this situation? What were the long- term consequences of this behavior?
In your role as an agent of your organization, have you experienced or witnessed moral dilemmas? Were these resolved in an ethical manner?
Identify a situation in your workplace in which you have witnessed deception. Was this a justified deception? How did it affect the trust, community, and dignity rights of others? Did it have other impacts?
Describe a workplace situation in which two moral duties conflicted. How did you resolve the conflict?
Describe a work-related intentional ambiguity. In your opinion, was the ambiguity morally permissible?
In the workplace, have you ever felt uncomfortable concealing information? What did you do to resolve the tension?
Have you ever witnessed an unfair disciplinary action or dismissal at work? How did you react?
What are your views on affirmative action?
What is your environmental philosophy? Describe any environmental moral dilemmas that you have observed. How were or were not these resolved?
How does the holiness—justice—love framework compare with the ethical framework that you used prior to being exposed to Hill’s framework? In what ways has it changed your moral reasoning?
Writing the Ethics Paper
The paper must be completed using current APA style and documentation.
Content, style, and grammar are all important to the grade.
No length is specified. The correct length is whatever length it takes to do an excellent job with the content of the paper (these papers are normally 10-15 pages in length, but some longer ones have been excellent).
You must submit your paper on time to receive full credit. Late papers will not be accepted without prior approval by your professor. Even if approval is given, a penalty will be assessed for late papers.
Honesty is important. So is confidentiality! All content is confidential, and your instructor will not copy or share any information from your paper without your consent.

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