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Your final project will be due at the end of week 8. In week 2 you looked at the

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Your final project will be due at the end of week 8. In week 2 you looked at the business operations of companies described in Ch. 14. For your final project, please select one of those companies, or another if you prefer and review their supply chain risk management practices. You may look at companies who are members of the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council.
You may consider your own organization as well or another. You should be able to conduct online research, especially of publicly traded companies which must provide SCRM information in their Shareholder 10K reports which are available from publicly traded companies. You may also use primary research by interviewing executives at an organization. Please answer these questions about your chosen company:
Identify at least two supply chain risks faced by the organization
Identify examples, if any, of supply chain disruptions experienced by the organization or expected to experience. These disruptions can encompass natural disasters, cyber hacking, supplier failures and more.
Identify the role of business continuity planning, if any, for the organization
Consider the industry in which your chosen organization is found.Evaluate supply chain risks overall in that industry and industry disruptions.
Offer your own perspectives on future disruptions that may disrupt your chosen company’s supply chain.
The paper is to have a minimum of 1000 words and utilize APUS formatting including cover page, abstract and summary.

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