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Your approach to this research project is not purely informative but argumentati

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Your approach to this research project is not purely informative but argumentative; you will be required to use key concepts, theories, and debates that we cover in and outside this course to analyze the issue at hand and to research a topic using a diverse range of scholarly sources to support your arguments.
Part of this assignment is to tap into your creative side! Research and create something that matters to you. It could be a visual book review of an ethnography about gender issues, a graphic film or music review of a particular genre, an Infographic or digital media zine or chapbook, or something you draw or sketch by hand like a comic, art collection, or multimedia piece. Either way, the topic/focus needs to be clear so it is important to brainstorm early and begin dream mapping/getting ideas down once class begins! Throughout class, we’ll have opportunities to talk in small groups about your projects or to showcase/ask for advice about ideas as well.
How does misgendering by the use of pronouns impact transgender individuals?
For this assignment YOU NEED to dive deeper into how misgendering affects an transgender individual. For people who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming, coming into their authentic gender can be an important and affirming step in life. It often happens that people who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming recieve people using terms related to how they identified before transition. YOU NEED TO dive deeper into how this affects someone and why this needs to be a topic of discussion.
Rubric for your Research Graphic/Visual (Due Finals Week)
Identifying the Research Topic (60 points)
-Your graphic has made clear the focus of your project in terms of a feasible scope, timeframe, geographic location, and argument. Your graphic has a purposeful focus and the research topic is not vaguely worded or general, but specific and argument-based.
Research and Literature Review (60 points)
-The graphic content is based on scholarly research that has incorporated verified and legitimate sources that have taken into account previous rounds of feedback and revision and demonstrate a strong development of research skills and careful reading of the literatures on the subject matter as advised by the professor.
Visual Presentation (60 points)
-The graphic’s visuals are meaningfully assembled and crafted; each graphic component is accessible, clear in its intentions and arguments, and sources/content. The graphics are respectful and make primary the importance of women, gender, and sexuality to the subject matter and context involved.
Textual Explanations and Descriptions (Demonstrating Nuanced Analysis) (60 points)
-The textual explanations and use of text on the graphic are intentional and demonstrate that the student has conducted careful and scholarly research on the subject matter within the objectives of the course.
Spelling, Grammar, Timeliness, Articulation and Citation of Sources (60 points)
-The graphic is free of spelling and grammatical errors. The language is clear and not vague.
– The student has included a list of references with the graphic including scholarly, trade, reference and legal sources and the research is not primarily based on popular sources such as newspapers (New York Times, WSJ, Guardian), magazines, blogs or unverified websites, and non-verified reference sources such as Wikipedia, Google searches, etc.; there is a reference list or Q-coded references on the graphic that includes at least 8-10 unique sources.

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