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This project requires you to choose a well documented healthcare related ethica

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project requires you to choose a well documented healthcare related
ethical dilemma from within the past five years. It cannot be a case
that has already been discussed or presented in this class. This
project also requires information literacy skills to find the
information you need. Please utilize the library staff in aiding your
quest. Samples of cases that have been used in the past are Charlie
Gard, Nathan Sutherland, and Jahi McMath. Feel free to get outside the
box and find a different one, if you so choose.
Please address the following:
Provide an introduction/overview of the case.
Present the dilemma. Was it moral/ethical? Why or why not? Provide supporting documentation
Utilize the six step process in working through this project.
Who were the stakeholders? Who made the decisions? Were they the correct parties to do so?
Were there violations of patient rights? If so, explain and be specific. Provide supporting documentation.
What were the options? Be specific
How do the principles of autonomy and beneficence apply in this case?
Did advance directives play a role? Would they have made a difference? Why?
How did culture/religion impact this case?
How would this situation challenge your personal and professional
beliefs? Refer to your personal and professional code of ethics.
Pretend you are on the Board of Ethics. How would you rule in this
case? Why? What type of conflicts would you expect to encounter?
Provide a conclusion, including how this case has increase your awareness of ethical situations.
I was considering writing it on the Nathan Sutherland case if that helps narrow it down

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