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Reading: Zikmund et al. (9th ed.) Chapter 21: Univariate Statistical Design Chap

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Reading: Zikmund et al. (9th ed.)
Chapter 21: Univariate Statistical Design
Chapter 22: Bivariate Statistical Analysis: Differences Between Two Variables
Chapter 23: Bivariate Statistical Analysis: Measures of Association
Reading: Field (5th ed.)
Chapter 5: Exploring Data with Graphs
Chapter 6: The Beast of Bias
Chapter 10: Comparing Two Means
Discussion Question 1 – NEED BY 1st Dec, 1.5 pages, will need a pier review by 3rd Dec for 0.5 page.
Provide detailed assessment for the following and support your responses with some numerical examples:
What is the F probability distribution? In what way does it differ from a t probability distribution?
In an ANOVA, what is between group difference and what is within group difference?
What is covariance and how does it differ from correlation?
Activity 11 – SPSS (or Excel) – Need by 4th Dec, 3 pages
Note: If you do not have access to SPSS, you can do this assignment in Excel
A car manufacturer is introducing a new model, and they claim that the average fuel consumption for this model is 35 miles or more per gallon on the open road. The competitors believe this estimate is too high. You are employed by a testing agency to run a statistical test and verify the car manufacturer’s claim. You conduct a highway mileage test on 80 cars and save the results in an Excel file. Upload the Excel file CarEfficiency and save it in SPSS data format for future use. The data are available on GAP under the “Supplemental Material” folder. Complete the following tasks and copy your results in a word document and submit your report.
Examine if the sample data follows a normal distribution using the Explore feature under the Descriptive Statistics in SPSS (or Insert Statistic Chart in Excel).
Construct a confidence interval for the population mean at 99% confidence level.
Conduct a test of hypothesis at 1% significance level to verify if the car manufacturer’s claim is justified. State the null and alternative hypotheses in the proper conventional form.

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