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Purpose In the first half of this course (units 1-4), we explored three key skil

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In the first half of this course (units 1-4), we explored three key skills that students of history must develop: source evaluation, perspective-taking, and historical empathy. In the unit 5 discussion, we will continue our work on historical thinking skills by combining these three as we explore the nature of political partisanship in the early republic.
For this discussion, you will adopt the perspective of two competing parties–the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans–on the question of Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan. In your initial posting, you will adopt the perspective of either the Federalists or the Democratic-Republicans and explain why……. they either supported or opposed Hamilton’s proposal.
Initial Post:
Your initial posting will have two parts.
For Part 1, you must write at least one paragraph describing and explaining the three components of Hamilton’s Financial Plan. What were the three elements Hamilton outlined? What was their purpose? Why did Hamilton think they were essential to the survival of the republic?
For Part 2, you will be assigned either the Federalist or Democratic-Republican perspective on Hamilton’s proposed changes. As we have seen in our readings, not everyone agreed with Hamilton on the necessity of the economic changes proposed in his Financial Plan. For the purposes of this part, we will divide the class roughly in half.
Students whose last names begin with A – Lwill write part 2 from a Federalist perspective. Why did the Federalists support the Financial Plan?
Students whose last names begin with M – Zwill write part 2 from a Democratic-Republican perspective. Why did the Democratic-Republicans oppose Hamilton’s Financial Plan?
Each of these paragraphs should be at least 6-7 sentences in length.
Please include both Part 1 and Part 2 in the same posting (do not create separate postings for each). You can create a Word document for the assignment and upload it to the discussion board as an attachment, or you can just post both parts directly onto the discussion board by clicking on “Start a New Thread” and typing in the box. Please make sure that you carefully proof your answer for any typos and other writing issues.
Response to classmate:
Your response should approach the argument from the opposite perspective. This will mean choosing a post from someone who originally wrote from the same perspective as you. In your response to that person, you will argue against their perspective.
Students who opposed the Financial Plan as a Democratic-Republican (students with last names beginning with M-Z) will argue for it as a Federalist.
Note about your quotations:
Remember that you need to cite your source when you quote from a reading. Reminder: Quotations should not be more than 10-15% of your paper. They are not to take the place of your own ideas or thoughts; they help support your ideas and thoughts. For these readings, use these in-text citations and these full citations at the end of your postings. Please see the Citation Help.pdf for guidelines for citing sources.

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