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Choose an organization you would like to study, learn more about, or are already

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Choose an organization you would like to study, learn more about, or are already well-versed in.
For this paper, you are to choose one of the topics covered in Chapters 7 through 13 of your textbook (e.g., socialization processes, decision-
making processes, processes of emotion in organizations, etc.)
Then choose one of three approaches to the study of organizational communication: the systems approach, the cultural approach, or the critical approach. In your paper, you should use this approach to provide an analysis of your selected organization and chosen organizational communication process.
Specifically, your paper should consist of the following sections:
• A brief introduction that discusses the organizational communication process and the approach you will use to analyze that process.
• A section that explains what approach you have determined the organization currently uses. A well-researched
analysis on if this is a successful strategy. (What is the measure of success you are using? Why is it successful? How is it successful? Where is it successful?)
• A detailed argument about implementing a different process would make the organization more successful
For example, you could use the decision-making process within an organization and then use the critical approach to analyze the organization you picked and how they use decision-making processes within their organization.
Rational Models of Decision Making In classical theories of organizational behavior, decision-making is an entirely rational and logical process. First, organization members notice a problem that requires a decision. After carefully defining the problem, the decision-makers then search for all the relevant information that might bear upon it. Next, the decision-makers develop a set of decision options and evaluate them according to carefully developed criteria for decision effectiveness. The decision-making process concludes when an optimal decision is identified and decision implementation can begin. This has been labeled the normative model of decision making (Nutt, 1984), and it includes five stages: formulation, concept development, detailing evaluation, and implementation. Consider, for instance, a team at a consumer products company trying to make a decision about the best way to market a new sports drink. In the formulation stage (Stage 1), the team might conduct focus group research with individuals in the target demographic to learn more about their workout habits, their media consumption, and their likes and dislikes. In the concept development stage (Stage 2), the marketing team would generate alternative approaches to the campaign, perhaps involving distinct content, activity tie-ins, and media delivery options. During the detailing process (Stage 3), additional research might be conducted and evaluated in terms of factors such as reach and impact. During the evaluation stage (Stage 4), the information gathered during detailing would be placed under intense scrutiny by the group to determine the cost-effectiveness and appeal of each marketing option. Finally, in the implementation stage (Stage 5), the chosen marketing campaign (perhaps an ongoing tie-in with marathons

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