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I Neep help I have no clue how to do this.. Nutrition Analysis Report Template T

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I Neep help I have no clue how to do this..
Nutrition Analysis Report
The purpose of this report is to have you analyze your diet and apply the information we have been discussing in class. To perform this you will record your diet for three days using the Diet Record form. There are two options for this. One is Thursday-Friday-Saturday and the other is Sunday-Monday-Tuesday. Make sure you include portion sizes and details on the food.
Next, use NutritionCalc Plus in Connect to analyze the diet record intake. NutritionCalc Plus is listed under Resources and there is a tutorial video with directions on that page. Use the following reports to complete The Nutrient Intake worksheet; Bar Graph, Spreadsheet, Macronutrient, and MyPlate. Download the All Daily Reports report as pdf and save.
It usually helps to wait until we are discussing micronutrients before completing this paper. Use your textbook, other assignments (metabolism, BMI, etc.), the Nutrient Intake Worksheet, and NutritionCalc Reports as resources. Take your time and write the paper as you talk. If it helps, record your thoughts first and then type them out. Remember that this project is an illustration of what you learned and demonstration of application. Below is the template for the report with ideas in each section to help you get started.
Report Template
A Introduction – this section will set the tone of your report. Write about your personal interests and how that influences your diet. For instance, if you have a family history of heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes, that may play a role in your food selection process. Maybe you are very active in a sport that influences the diet or have a diet that may cause you to develop a disease in the future. Relate this to your conclusion.
B. Nutrition Analysis – this section is where you will spend most of your time.
First – write in detail about the diet analysis results. Include any thoughts on surprises or disappointments you found. Be specific and state how this compares to how you are trying to eat.
Second – write about how your results compared to information we have discussed. You will want to refer to the Nutrient Intake worksheet, metabolism assignment, and possibly your book to discuss what you found versus where you would like to be.
Third – write about how you will be changing your diet because of this analysis. Be specific. Give exact examples that list the food. For example, saying you will eat more fiber or vegetables is to general. Saying you will include celery with goat cheese for afternoon snack is specific. If it helps to show a side-by-side comparison – old one-day intake vs. new one-day intake – then include it. Relate changes to family history of disease mentioned in the introduction, workouts, or present health concerns.
C. Conclusion – this section will summarize the experience and gives you a chance to write about any future plans you have regarding food selection, cooking, or areas you might explore.
The project should be compiled in proper order. The report is a minimum of two pages in size 12 font with single-space within the paragraph and double space between the paragraphs.
It is permissible to combine the first 4 items into one document and upload the analysis report separately.
– Cover page
– Nutrition Analysis Report
– Diet Recall Form
– Nutrient Intake worksheet
– NutritionCalc Plus All Daily Reports Report.

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