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Topic Write a research paper that explains the history of corrections in the U.S

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Write a research paper that explains the history of corrections in the U.S. Is our correctional model operating efficiently? Explain. Support that position with facts from credible academic sources. Superior papers will contrast that position against opposing perspectives to help explain its significance.
Paper should be 3-5 pages in length not including the title, or reference page. No abstract is required. You must utilize a minimum of three credible academic sources (*hint use your text for one). Paper should follow APA format and be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Avoid using personal pronouns when able. Exemplary papers will be sufficiently developed and correctly cited with in-text citations, a proper references page, with few or no spelling and grammatical errors.
The prompt for this class is straight forward:
Write a research paper that explains:
The history of corrections in the U.S.
Where did this start?
What type of correctional models and periods have we gone through to get here?
What does the evolution of prisons, jails, corrections look like over time?
Is today’s correctional model operating efficiently? Explain.
How does today’s system look?
We incarcerate the most people in the entire world. How is that so?
Do full prisons mean we are doing a good job?
Is our system too crowded and too expensive?
What does your research / reading tell you about these things?
What do we do well in our correction system?
Are we improving?
Support that position with facts from credible academic sources (because this is a research paper). Superior papers will contrast that position against opposing perspectives to help explain its significance (because we should never only look at things from one perspective). You need to spend some time doing the formatting of your paper (face page, spacing, headers, page numbers, etc). Use my guides, videos, and resources to get the formatting right, and save that blank template for future use. Then sketch out a rough outline of your paper:
Introduction with a thesis that introduces your key
argument that addresses the prompt.
Body paragraph(s) on the history of the American correctional / justice system to provide your reader background on your upcoming assertions and research.
Some body paragraphs that talk about our correctional system today.
Who is in our prisons?
Is anyone impacted more than anyone else?
Does our system operate fairly? Efficiently?
This is where you pair research, quotes, paraphrasing of academic
info with your observation of the correctional system.
A conclusion that ties everything together and provides insight into the current state of our system and potential direction for the future. This is all a very rough example of how this paper should come to life. Think of it as a chance to research the history of corrections in America, how it is going now, and put that information on paper.
It’s a fascinating history if you spend some time looking at it.
Also, look at the assignment rubric. If you are missing those items in your paper (formatting, cites,
content knowledge, etc.), you will lose the points that are listed in that category. You can avoid losing
easy points by looking at the rubric before you submit the assignment.
I hope that helps a little bit.

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