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NOTE: DO NOT use outside sources for this assignment. Please use only the assign

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NOTE: DO NOT use outside sources for this assignment. Please use only the assigned reading.
One of the major trends in the history of the “modern” world is increasing global connection. These connections are made through commerce (trade in natural resources, raw materials, manufactured goods, and human beings), conflict (in the form of war and/or conquest), or, most often, some combination of the two. Using the Marks textbook reading, please write a four to five page paper that responds to the following prompts:
Looking at the world between 1500 and 1900 on a high level, track the increase in global connections. What were some of the connections that existed in 1500? How and why does the number of connections grow over time?
Choose at least two connections and describe each one in detail, answering the following questions.
Is this a commercial connection, a connection made through conflict, or both (for example, a situation in which trade occurs after a threat of military force, a situation in which a territory is conquered with the purpose of extracting natural resources, or a situation in which food or raw materials are produced using enslaved labor)?
What countries or areas are involved in this connection? Do they benefit or not benefit from the connection? How do they feel about the connection?
How was this connection created? Does it change over time?
How strong or weak is this connection? Does it look like it can withstand external and internal threats?
Looking again from a high-level perspective, what changes between 1500 and 1900 to make the world “modern”? Be sure to define what you mean by modern and to provide specific examples to support your point.
Your paper should be organized as a standard essay, with an introduction (with a thesis statement), body paragraphs using evidence to support the thesis, and a conclusion. If you are unsure how to write an essay in this format, please contact me before attempting the assignment. Do not present your answers in a numbered list or in bullet points.
Whenever you quote or paraphrase the readings or reference specific points in an author’s argument, please provide a citation in the following format (Author’s last name, page number).
The paper should be four to five pages long, double spaced, with standard font size and margins. It is due in the dropbox on the course website by 11:59 PM on the due date. Late papers will not be accepted without prior notification.
The book is called
Robert Marks, The Origins of the Modern World, 4th Edition (ISBN 978-1-5381-2703-2) This is the only source that can be used for this essay.

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