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1) Step #1: Choose one disease from the list of diseases associated with the con

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1) Step #1: Choose one disease from the list of diseases associated with the content of the course.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
2) Step #2: Annotated bibliography (Pass/Fail: 1 Point)
Directions: Locate a minimum of 3 sources on your topic. At least one must be a NURSING source. They may be from library databases or a professional book that is NOT the textbook. NO MATERIAL FROM THE INTERNET WILL BE ACCEPTED. Class notes are not appropriate. Sources must be professional, peer-reviewed material. Patient education material is not acceptable.
Summarize each article. Use the heading for the term paper described below. After the heading, list the article reference using correct APA style, exactly as you would write it on a reference page. Summarize the article in one or two paragraphs. Use your own words – do NOT quote the article! Give specific details found in the article. Include a copy of each article with the annotated bibliography so that I can compare the two. Submit the project in a 2-pocket folder with your name in the outside upper right corner or via email (to be discussed)
3) Step #3: Write your paper (14 points)
Double-space between sections and underline your headings. Everything must be in PARAGRAPH form. Perfect spelling and grammar are expected. If you use a medical term, define it. You are expected to use sources other than your textbook, such as professional journals and books. This is to be a scholarly paper representing your best effort. All papers should have references and citations.
An abstract is not necessary. The cover page should include the following:
Name of student
Pathophysiology NUR 229
Dr. Laura Haitidis
Name of the Disease you chose.
A). Briefly define the disease. For instance, “Chickenpox is a contagious viral disease
most commonly seen in childhood that results in a generalized raised, red,
maculopapular rash accompanied by intense itching, known as pruritis.” Be sure to
use and define any medical terminology. Only use one or two sentences. Cite all
sources in the text, even if the material is paraphrased.
B). State the morbidity and mortality of the disease (how many people get it – either
% of the population or the number per 100,000 each year.) Cite your sources.
C). Identify the etiology of the disease. If there is no specific etiology, explain some of
the theories that scientists currently believe about the disease.
D). Identify any risk factors for the disease. Be sure to put these in paragraph form – I
will take off for lists! Be very specific: say what age, what gender, etc. For instance,
say “African-American males over aged 65” rather than race, gender, and age.
E). Explain the pathophysiology of the disease. Be sure to explain what is
happening on the cellular level and link it to the signs and symptoms. This should
be the largest portion of the paper. I am looking for terms and concepts used class.
F). Identify and define the signs and symptoms of the disease. Be sure to use the
correct medical terminology for the signs and symptoms and explain them. I am
looking for how the pathophysiology causes the signs and symptoms.
G). Identify and describe the diagnostic tests used and the abnormal findings that would
confirm the diagnosis of the disease. Again, be specific. Give normal and
diagnostic values for lab tests, abnormal scan findings, etc.
H). Describe the standard treatments used for this disease. Tell me what meds are used
and what they do. Briefly describe surgeries and treatments.
I). Describe the complications and sequelae that may arise from the disease. Use
appropriate medical terminology and define any terms.
J). Include the references and appropriate citations in APA style on a separate page.
*Will send a reference paper to look at and follow*

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