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1) Evaluating an already declared UNESCO world heritage site from the globe that

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1) Evaluating an already declared UNESCO world heritage site from the globe that is to be investigated thoroughly from social policy, legal, archaeological-anthropological-art/culture, and heritage perspectives. The project should take the site(s) apart and should include the various components: geography, material culture, language, gender, race/ethnicity, local policies, and country laws as well as global policies including moral rights. Maps, photographs, detailed graphs will be essential to the written proposal.
Please post a brief research project title and topic here. I will ask for a greater prospectus with bibliography after October 15 to be submitted to my email. thank you.
Good evening professor ,
As my first choice, I would like to evaluate already declared UNESCO world heritage Colonial City of Santo Domingo. Also investigate the heritage importance and relevance for the region and its development.
Title: Ciudad Colonial a Caribean Heritage
Monday, December 13 Final Research paper with bibliography is due (no late papers will be accepted without consulting with me one week before the deadline) 8 – 10 double spaced pages of text + graphs, charts, photos, bibliography (at least 5-7 sources), etc.
The final research essay (8-10 double-spaced pages not including graphs, maps, charts, bibliography, and other visual evidence) should be a thorough research project in which you 1) survey the available information on a subject related to heritage law and policy (from the course Syllabus); 2) read research (recent) on it, and 3) study certain problems or questions within it. The paper should be based principally on primary sources (legal, moral, ethical, heritage, historical) in the Syllabus and/or ones you curate yourself, and these should be cited to back up whatever statements you make about a subject. Use secondary sources to help you find the primary sources as well as to see how scholars interpret the primary sources, what additional information they bring to bear on the subject, and how they deal with the issues you are studying.
Begin the paper with a clear definition of the question or problem you are studying, the factual information available about it, and an introductory survey of scholarly work on it. Then proceed to describe the issues involved and, if possible, to answer the question that interests you. Compare different views on the subject. Evaluate authors’ assumptions, their selection of evidence, and the coherence of their arguments.
Remember that a research paper is not simply a collection of quotations (attributed or unattributed) from others. Nor is it an encyclopedia- style narrative of information. It is a combination of facts, questions, and reasoned interpretation. A large mass of information is not very meaningful until you begin to ask questions about it. Information organized as answers to questions is meaningful.
The introductory paragraph or paragraphs of your paper should give readers a clear idea of your thesis and the arguments you will be making, so that they will know where you are leading them and can follow your argument. It is not enough to say which topics you will be discussing; you must also say specifically what your argument about those topics is going to be. But keep in mind that you cannot begin your research with a thesis; the thesis can only emerge after you examine the evidence.
However, you can begin with a working question or hypothesis to guide you as you complete your research (and be prepared for this to change).

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