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Week 8 Final Essay Exam 100 Total Possible Points Each response must be a minimu

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Week 8 Final Essay Exam
100 Total Possible Points
Each response must be a minimum of 250 words, maximum of 300
words, and include APA formatted, in-text citations, and a full, APA formatted
reference list at the end of each response. For assistance and resources on APA formatting style, please see
the APUS Writing Center at Writing@APUS. You may also see Purdue’s OWL for general APA
formatting information and for formatting help on many topics.
The total possible points for the Final Essay Exam is 100
points; point allocation for each short essay response is indicated above
each question. Please see the assignment rubric for a complete point breakdown
and contact your professor with additional questions or concerns.
The following questions are worth 22 possible points each.
1. Maslow noted that humans have some needs that press over others.
Discuss, with adequate detail, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and provide an
example of how his structure allows people to prioritize the various needs
Increased cue availability
in the decision-making process generally leads to better, more accurate
decisions being made. Ecological rationality is, in part, grounded by this
assertion. Explain the concept of ecological rationality, its accepted
limitations, and its benefits as a model in decision-making. Share your
thoughts on its usefulness to your own decision-making processes.
Define and discuss the
concept of intelligence. Considering the types of intelligence presented
in the course materials, which conceptualization do you believe most
comprehensively represents human intelligence? Provide your rationale for
your selection.
Discuss the relationship
between memory and learning, exploring whether one process
disproportionately affects the other or if these two processes have
reciprocal influences on each other. Share a few methods or techniques
that might be applied to enhance or improve the affected process or
processes in this relationship, ultimately resulting in better memory or
improved learning capabilities.
The following question is worth 12 points.
1. Discuss the most useful information you have learned in Cognition
and Learning. Share the ways the new knowledge will affect your day-to-day
activities, or thoughts about your activities, moving forward.

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