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Value: 20% of final grade Length: 5 – 6 pages in APA Format (title and reference

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Value: 20% of final grade
Length: 5 – 6 pages in APA Format (title and reference page included, 3-4 pages of content)
Due: November 29, 2021 by 11:59 pm (to be uploaded as a Word Document on to D2L).
List of Topics:
Students may choose any topic that is related to the below areas of study. Students are to email their instructor with their choice of topic for approval by November 8th, 2021.

– Social Work Theories and Practice Models
– Individuals, Groups and Communities
– Social Work and Child Welfare in Canada
– Social Work and the Health of Canadians
– Mental Health and Social Work Practice
– Social Work with Women in Canada
– Social Work and Indigenous Peoples
– Social Work and Older Canadians
– Social Work and Sexual and Gender Diversity
– Social Work and Persons with Disabilities
1. an explanation of the main purpose of the source
2. a short summary of key findings or arguments of the source
3. the academic/intellectual credentials of the source. Does it appear in a peer-reviewed journal? Is the author someone who has expertise in the area?
4. any shortcomings or biases you notice
5. the value of this work as a contribution to the topic you’re exploring.
5. Put it all together. Your final product will contain the following elements—in this order.
a. Introduction: A description of the topic you decided to study further. This description should explain what the topic is and why you found it intriguing. Length: 1 paragraph about 100 words.
b. Research Process: A discussion of the research process that led you to select the sources you did for annotation. (How did you find those sources? Why did you select these sources rather than others?) Length: 1 Paragraph about 100 words
c. The annotated bibliography: Length: 2 paragraphs no more than 200 words per source. For each source you annotate, you must also include a copy of the abstract provided by the database you searched. (That’s for the instructor’s benefit: you will undoubtedly find some sources they haven’t read yet. The abstract will help the instructor learn about your source.) The abstract must immediately precede each annotation. The format for this section of the project will look like this:
source #1 abstract
source #1 annotation
source #2 abstract
source #2 annotation etc…
d. Conclusion: Student needs to provide overall conclusion of their research and identify their learning highlights learned from your research. This discussion should draw obviously and explicitly from the Three sources you annotated. Length: 1 -2 paragraphs about 200 words.
Paper expectations:
– APA 7th ed. Formatting
– Headings are to be used
– 5-6 pages in length (total
– 3 references
– Poof Read Before submitting

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