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Pick an article from the assigned course readings. The critique should address t

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Pick an article from the assigned course readings. The critique should address the following areas:
The research question posed in the article:
• The relevant psychological theory and methodology used.
• The legal problem that is being addressed.
• The main findings.
• A critique of the article. Consider the following:
o Was the methodology appropriate given their research question? o What were the conclusion(s) and implication(s) of the study?
o Is there be a better way to do their study? If so, please explain and offer suggestions.
• Your reflections of the article. Consider the following:
o Did you connect with the article? Why or why not? o What did you learn from the research? o How do you plan to apply what you learned in your career?
o Was there anything that you did not understand or agree with in your article? If so, please explain.
Each critique should be 6-8 pages and written in APA format. (Double space; Font should be times New Roman, 12-pt; Margins should be 1 inch on all sides).
Your heading should consist only of your name and the full citation of the article you have chosen to critique.
Pick any one of the artocles provided
Pretrial Publicity
Dixon, T. L., & Linz, D. (2002). Television news, prejudicial pretrial publicity, and the depiction
of race. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 46(1), 112-136.
Lieberman, J. D., & Arndt, J. (2000). Understanding the limits of limiting instructions: Social
psychological explanations for the failures of instructions to disregard pretrial publicity and other
inadmissible evidence. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 6(3), 677.
Ruva, C. L., & Guenther, C. C. (2014). From the shadows into the light: How pretrial publicity
and deliberation affect mock jurors’ decisions, impressions, and memory. Law and Human
Behavior, 39(3), 294-310
Jury Decision Making Part I
Crocker, B., & Kovera, M. (2010). The effects of rehabilitative voir dire on juror bias and
decision making. Law and Human Behavior, 34, 212-226.
Daftary-Kapur, T., Dumas, R., & Penrod, S. D. (2010). Jury decision-making biases and methods
to counter them. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 15, 133-154.
Jury Decision Making Part II
Devine, D. J., Clayton, L. D., Dunford, B. B., Seying, R., & Pryce, J. (2001). Jury decision
making: 45 years of empirical research on deliberating groups. Psychology, Public Policy, and
Law, 7, 622-727.
Sommers, S. R., & Norton, M. I. (2007). Race-based judgments, race-neutral justifications:
Experimental examination of peremptory use and the Batson challenge procedure. Law and
Human Behavior, 31, 261-273.

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