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Group Proposal (KPI’s- 2.F.8.g.; 2.F.8.d.; 2.F.8.c.; 2.F.3.e) – An activity to

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Group Proposal (KPI’s- 2.F.8.g.; 2.F.8.d.; 2.F.8.c.; 2.F.3.e) – An activity to help you
gain competencies involves your preparing a typed proposal described a a group – INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE IN ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS WITH INDIVIDUALS WITH BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER
You will present of your group to the class during the last two weeks of class. This proposal should be as outlined and formatted to APA guidelines:
a. Identification of the population
i. Describe the client population with whom you will be working and tell why this
population could benefit from group counseling.
ii. Briefly describe the group you would like to implement. What are the specific
goals of the group you will be conducting?
b. Literature Review
i. Introduction: state the specific type of group you will be conducting and what
the literature will be covering
ii. Review at least 6 references specifically related to the type of group you will be
developing. Discuss the information found in each reference in relation to the
population involved and the group’s purposes and procedures.
c. Group Logistics: How would you assess the following in organizing you group?
State your reasons.
i. Group composition/size
ii. Open/closed group
iii. Group duration/length and frequency of meetings
iv. Pre-group interviews and orientation/the initial meeting
v. Ground rules/physical setting
d. Ethical Considerations: List and explain 5 ethical considerations you believe to be
particularly relevant to the type of group you propose
e. Leadership Role
i. Your group should decide on an appropriate orientation to group leadership for
this specific group. Explain your view regarding degree of involvement,
directive vs. non-directive approaches, and structured vs. unstructured groups.
ii. Role enactment: explain the facilitator’s role during each of the various group
iii. Techniques and Interventions: Name 5 techniques/interventions you would use,
how you would use them, and desired results.

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