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These are the videos you have to watch, there are from youtude: 1.Focused Obser

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These are the videos you have to watch, there are from youtude:
1.Focused Observations Chapter 3 Video 6
2. Focused Observations, Chapter 8 Observation Practice #18f. Putting on Jackets (Captions)
3.Intentional teaching: Extending children’s ideas (video 1 of 4)
4.Mint tea and a chat
You will be observing teachers in a classroom in a video format. You will be watching several short clips of teachers guiding young children. State the links you used in your reference section. Your paper should be about five to six double spaced, typed pages.
Answer the following questions in order of their appearance in the guidelines. Be sure you answer all of the questions.
1.Describe the setting of the observation:
· Age ranges of children in the group/classroom(State that the children are 2.9 -5 years)
· Area of the room play occurred (keeping in mind children move during play)
· What was going on in the room at the time of your observation? (Free play, snack, circle etc.)
· Describe the feeling of the classroom (emotional setting). Were the children and teachers calm, stressed, aggravated, etc. Did everyone have a place and were they actively engaged in the learning process? Did everyone seem to know what to do or did children seem unsure of the expectations? (Using facts explain how you know.)
2.Classroom Limits
What did the teachers say to the children? What tone of voice did the teacher use (neutral, high pitched, low pitched?) What was the child’s reaction? Give two examples of how the teacher encouraged the children to function within the classroom limits. Use direct quotes and dialogue to convey what was said.
3.Positive Guidance
Give two examples of positive guidance that occurred while you observed. What did the teachers say and do? What was the child’s reaction? Again, use direct quotes.
4.Handling Outburst
How did the teachers handle outbursts from the children? What was said and done? Use direct quotes when reporting this. If you did not see any, explain why you think they did not occur? Be specific.
5.Sensitive to Children’s Needs and Self Esteem
What evidence did you see that indicated the teachers were sensitive to the child’s needs and esteem? Be specific.
6.Evidence of Limits
What evidence did you see that limits existed? Give two clear examples. How did the children test these limits? How did the teachers react to the testing? What was the outcome?(Use the discussion board posts to support this response. You can state you did not directly observe limits and then describe limits that can exist in a pre-school setting. Physical limits and intangible limits, pages 130-133 of the text)
7.Prosocial Behavior
What evidence did you see that children were moving toward prosocial behavior? How did the teachers encourage this? What modeling did you see the teachers doing? Give two exact examples. (If you did not see prosocial behaviors in the clips then define this and provide an example of what prosocial behaviors might look like.)
8. Reflection:What have you learned about guiding young children from doing this assignment? Explain your answer clearly. (Include the experience of doing this assignment in a “virtual classroom”.)

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