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There are 4 questions total. If you can please help witht he first question and

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There are 4 questions total. If you can please help witht he first question and help me rewrite the last three questios…
The first question, I am giving the topic.
(1) Can you discuss your philosophical or theoretical orientation related to counseling?
(max 5 sentences)
– Cognitive behavioral theories
– Psychodynamic theories
– Humanistic
cognitive is good for short term, while psychodynamic is good for longterm, while humanistic is about being your true self)
(2) What do you think are the most important questions or pressing issues facing the counseling field today? (max 5 sentences)
The most pressing issues that counselors experience and help clients with are (1) Uncertainty, (2) Diversity and Inclusion and (3) Commitment. I chose these as the most critical issues facing people today. I selected Uncertainty because now, more than ever people are unsure of the future, financial, job security, health, and even family- knowing if their family will survive this pandemic. Diversity and Inclusion is a critical issue as this can have negative effects on the relationships and quality of one’s life. Lastly, I selected Commitment as this affects the population as a whole, many people, regardless of age, gender, background or culture has a difficult time commuting to a schedule, routine, occupation, relationships, education, hobbies, friends, health, and even exercising.
(3) How do you see this interest fitting with the pdegree program/ university? (max 5 sentences)
University X values diversity amongst its students and staff and advocates for those who do not have the same educational opportunities as fellow students. Furthermore, by having staff that is racially and culturally diverse, students receive a more well-rounded education and experience that truly prepares them for a successful future, both personally and professionally. Knowing the importance University X places on inclusion and diversity, there is no doubt I know this Ph.D in Counseling program will best prepare me for my future professional endeavors, one I hope to start building through my dissertation.
(4) This program is rigorous and requires sacrifice. It is 60 hours long (takes approximately 3 to 4 years on average to complete), and requires a dissertation at the end. Do you feel that you are at a point in your life (personally, financially, family-wise) where you can make that kind of commitment? (max 5 sentences)
I am ready and capable of successfully completing this rigorous program. I am skillful in time management, have a growth mindset and a firm believer in hard work and perseverance. I know the importance of the knowledge and experience I will gain by undertaking this program and the positive outcome it will have on my future endeavors. I look forward to working with fellow classmates and professors for guidance and feedback on not just completing a dissertation but using it as a business model, one that will help others and make a lasting effect on the community. Personally and financially, I am ready for this undertaking.

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