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Session 8 Discussion Session 8 Discussion Click on the Session 8 Discussion link

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Session 8 Discussion
Session 8 Discussion
Click on the Session 8 Discussion link and create a new thread to respond to the discussion prompt. After posting your initial response, please comment on your classmates’ responses. Respond by making constructive responses or by raising other questions that will promote further discussion and learning by all of us.
It is best practice to post early and continually participate throughout the session. You will be graded not only for your posting, but your participation in this discussion. Your initial post is due by Wednesday at 11:59 P.M. (MST) of the session in which the discussion is assigned. A minimum of two (2) additional response posts are due by Sunday at 11:59 P.M. (MST). These are minimum requirements. Be sure to follow any additional guidelines posted by the instructor for the course in regards to discussions.
Review the rubric for the discussion.
Discussion Prompt: DNA Technologies and Modification
Choose a discussion topic below. Submit a post addressing the questions for your selected topic; then respond to student posts from either discussion topic.
Topic 1: Genome Editing/Gene Therapy
CRISPR and other DNA modifying technologies are currently under fire because they replace or modify something in nature, a stretch of DNA or RNA. However, these technologies might be applied to somatic cells to treat disease in existing people. With this in mind, read sections 21.4, 22.3, and 22.4 of your textbook and answer the following questions.
Compare the differences between gene therapy and genome editing? What are the risks associated with each procedure?
When comparing germline and somatic DNA modification, which seems to be more controversial? Why?
The Bible portrays God as concerned with the health, well-being, and restoration of his creatures (Proverbs 3:1-8; Psalm 103:2-3; Matthew 10:29-31,11:4-5; Acts 10:38; John 10:10). He explicitly commands us to continue His healing ministry (Matthew 10:1; Luke 9:2).
To the extent that gene therapy/genome editing can potentially prevent genetic disease and restore health, should these DNA technologies be welcomed as a means for cooperating with the divine initiative to relieve avoidable suffering and preserve life?
Before answering the discussion questions, please read pages 400-403 of your textbook and the resources in the table below to gain a better understanding of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
GMO Resources
Harvard University SITN. (2015). Signal to Noise Special Edition: GMOs and our Food

Signal to Noise Special Edition: GMOs and Our Food

University of Utah GSLC. (n.d.). Genetically Modified Foods
Bawa, A. S., & Anilakumar, K. R. (2013). Genetically modified foods: safety, risks and public concerns—a review. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 50(6), 1035–1046.

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