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Required sources. The video links here, as well as the attached articles. https:

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Required sources.
The video links here, as well as the attached articles.

This is the main video the assignment is about.
Sociology of the Family Term Paper —Arranged Marriages
We have spent a good part of this semester exploring and discussing attributes of marriage and family, specifically looking at how marriage and families have changed,
the building blocks of relationships, courtship, dating, online relationships, relational expectations, and love.
We are now going to look at the idea of arranged marriages and how they compare to the more traditional love marriage that many of us have been brought up thinking is the “norm.” For this project, I am asking you to use your sociological imagination (to see the “arrow”) and put aside the norms and values that you have been taught, as you work to understand, and possibly agree, that arranged marriages offer an effective option to what U.S. culture teaches us about how to find an appropriate mate to marry.
Part One
Watch the movie, “Arranged”. This movie tells the story of two young teachers, Rochel and Nasira, an Orthodox Jew and a Muslim, who go through the process of having their elders choose their potential marriages for them. Throughout the movie we see both women struggle with stereotypes and misconceptions about their religious beliefs, and their agreement to have their marriages arranged. We also see the process of arranging marriage at work, as well as possible consequences and potential success.
In addition to the movie, I have posted several articles on Blackboard in a file under learning modules called Arranged assignment articles. You are to read the articles before beginning the assignment, as you will need to draw on material from the articles to answer the questions. Failure to discuss the readings will result in a lowered grade. When you discuss the articles, you must link them to the movie!!!!
After watching the movie and reading the articles you are to answer the below questions. ****While there is an element of your opinion in a few of the below questions, my goal in this assignment is for you to have NEW working knowledge on this topic and to expand your thinking from a possible ethnocentric belief system to opening your mind to cultural relativism. (see below definition). As you answer the below questions in part one, you are to be sure to draw on information from the articles as well as the movie.
Note –*ethnocentric is when we use our own culture to measure and judge the way individuals in other cultures think and behave, usually in a negative way. Basically believing that the way our culture thinks and behaves is the “right way.”
Cultural relativism is when we do not judge another culture, but we try to understand that those in that specific culture have norms and values that are appropriate for them- though their norms and values may or may not be appropriate for our culture.
These questions should not be answered in essay format. Just number them, but be sure to adequately answer them!!
Be sure to answer ALL questions!!!!!
1- As you watched the movie, what were your thoughts on the belief system regarding the arranged marriages for Rochel and Nasira? Do not describe the movie. Be specific.
2-Compare the families in the movie to other U.S. families: what cultural similarities and differences do you notice? You must have at least three differences and three similarities. Again, be specific and explain in depth.
3-Many people have misconceptions about what an arranged marriage is. There is a big difference between a forced marriage, arranged marriage and a traditional love marriage. Explain what each of the above marriages is and the differences between them.
4-Based on the readings that I have provided you, make a case for whether arranged marriages produce better relationships than traditional romantic marriages or do traditional romantic relationships produce better relationships? Explain your answer giving specific material from the readings to back up your answer.
5-How do arranged marriages compare to internet romances or match matching sites such as What are the similarities and differences? Again, don’t just give an answer- you must explain why you think as you do in detail.
6-What role should parents have in their children’s marriage? Can parents know what might be best for their child? Explain
7-How do expectations of love and marriage positively and negatively affect our vision of marriage and our marriages? Explain with examples
8-What was your view on arranged marriage before watching the movie and reading the articles? What is your view now? Has it been altered in any way? Why or why not? Explain.
9- Do you think arranged marriage has a place in U.S. culture? Would it work here? Why or why not? Explain.
Be sure to cite your sources by using a Reference page or a works cited page.
Arial- 12 Font
Double spaced
Proper grammar and punctuation
Be sure to number your answers- these are not essays.
Be sure to upload your assignment properly
You may wish to contact the Writing Center at some point in your doing this assignment to get feedback and to insure that your grammar, punctuation, sources, etc. are done correctly. No late papers.
Good Luck and I hope you enjoy the movie. 

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