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Paper 3: Argumentative Essay Formatting: MLA 8 Edition: Times New Roman (size 12

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Paper 3: Argumentative Essay
Formatting: MLA 8 Edition: Times New Roman
(size 12); 1” margins all around; evenly double-spaced Length & Required
Sources: 5 pages minimum; you will need to cite your sources.
Due Date:11/21/21 @ 11:59 pm
What is the assignment?
Paper three will introduce you to the argumentative
essay. In this format, the writer wants to persuade the audience to believe the
point being argued. This is done by creating a thesis statement, stating the
argument, giving the evidence, and a strong closing. The strongest analysis can
state a counterpoint and then showing why that argument is wrong.
Each American
president has made at least one memorable speech, with one line being repeated
again and again. Kennedy gave the nation a great directive when he told us to
“Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the
country.” “I am not a crook” was the
famous battle-cry of Richard Nixon while he was being investigated for such
illegal activity as wiretapping. Even though we associate most of these types
of speeches with presidents, the private sector have produced powerful words as
well, such as MLK’s “I have a dream” or even Rodney King’s simple question,
“Can’t we all just get along?” For this assignment, pick one speech with a
famous “tag-line” from your decade and write a rhetorical analysis.
In this analysis, I am looking for the
audience, context, tone, and style (high, low, or medium). You should also
identify the logos, ethos, and pathos, along with the exigence of the speech. For
one of your Friday writings, you will be writing a paper answering the
following questions: What is the “tag-line?” Why is this line so memorable? Why
did you choose this speech? What does it say to you? These questions should be
incorporated in the full analysis.
Be sure to cite the
speech itself, and there should be two additional sources, with one being a
scholarly reviewed article. These can be found on the KSU Library System database.
It will be perfectly acceptable to use the opposing party’s dissention as part
of the analysis.
Point of View: Third
Length (not including
headers or Works Cited page): 5 – 7 Pages
essay should consist of the following parts, which will constitute 80% of the
grade on this paper
·Thesis Statement
·Tag Line Explanation
grammar, punctuation, spelling, point-of-view, and formatting will account for
the remaining 20%.
This essay will
constitute 25% of the final grade. The audience for this essay is the
instructor and class peers and will be peer reviewed.

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