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During President Obama’s administration, a target corporate average fuel economy

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During President Obama’s administration, a target corporate
average fuel economy (CAFE) standard of 54.5 mpg for 2025 model year vehicles
was recommended. This represented a significant increase from 33.3 mpg for 2015
model year vehicles. Under the Trump administration, a different proposal was
made under the “Safe Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule”, which was
eventually approved. Under the current rule, the target CAFE standard for 2025
model year vehicle has been set to 42.4 mpg to save cost and lives.
Write a 1-page memo explaining your position on this matter:
was setting a lower CAFE standard target (42.4 mpg compared to the original
proposal of 54.5 mpg) the right move? The memo should be single-spaced with one
blank line between paragraphs. This letter MUST be researched. References must
be placed on a second page. Make a concise, clear argument with professional
wording. Reference authoritative sources. Below are some questions to get you
started thinking about this issue. You do not need to address all of them in
your letter – they are here to help you see some of the complex issues
involved. Make sure that this letter is written in your own words.
Some issues to think about:
A higher CAFE standard will mean less pollution from cars on
the road. How much will this help health and the environment, particularly in
urban environments like Los Angeles?
Car designs will have to move to lighter weight materials to
meet the standard. These materials tend to be less safe and take more energy to
manufacture. How much does this consideration offset question 1? How much of an
issue is this?
Companies will have to move more towards electric vehicles
to meet this standard. Which cars are more efficient – gasoline or electric?
Note that when you look at electric car efficiency, you need to include
efficiencies of the power plant, transmission line, charging station, and
motor. What is the most common source of electrical power in the US? Where can
pollution be more efficiently scrubbed – at a power plant or in your car?
How much will this increased efficiency cost consumers? How
will this affect the lowest income brackets? How will it affect the economy?
Are there better ways to curb vehicle pollution control,
particularly in urban areas?

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