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As we are learning this week, racially and/or ethnically diverse societies like

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As we are learning this week, racially and/or ethnically diverse societies like South Africa, Israel, Brazil, etc. have long histories of intergroup conflicts that continue to this day. If we add the U.S. to this sample of societies, we readily notice a common theme: the actions of governments play a significant role in defining the various race & ethnic groups of a given society, as well as establishing their majority/minority status. (This was noted by Omi & Winant, who wrote that “race has been a matter of political contention.”) Whether through denial of citizen rights, discrimination, expropriation, expulsion, segregation, and more, the political institution we call the state is seen enforcing both dominant group privileges & minority subordination.
However, we have also seen instances where the state intervenes to redress past or current injustices. Can you point to a specific non-U.S. example of these efforts? Please share with the rest of the class how you think your chosen example illustrates a more just political process. Do you think those government actions are being effective in addressing racial/ethnic inequality? Why, or why not? Do you think that your policy example has any lessons for us in the U.S.? How so?
[Hints: “Policy” refers here to any government action. You may pick a policy from any (non-U.S.) country you wish, including those we are reading about this week. But make sure to be specific about who is supposed to benefit and how, and also explain how effective the policy has been. Include your references whenever applicable.] Instructions: Your contribution will consist of 2-3 paragraphs in answer to the questions posed above, plus replies to the responses of at least two other students. After posting your initial response, you will be able to view the responses of other students and then post your own reactions. As with any other written assignment, use your best writing style, including proper spelling and grammar, to get your points across. The deadline for completing all your posting is Sunday evening (11/28) by 11:59PM.

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