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(my topic is CRISPR genome editing) THIS IS GRADE 12 BIOLOGY PART A: INTRODUCTIO

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(my topic is CRISPR genome editing) THIS IS GRADE 12 BIOLOGY
“Canadian society is entering an era when we must deal with
increasingly complex and controversial scientific and ethical
issues. Is scientific discovering outpacing our ability to deal
with it? As a society, we need to reflect on what can
scientifically be done and what, we believe, should be done.”
Dr. Martin Godbout, President of Genome Canada (1999 – 2009)
PART B: TOPICS AND PROjECT DETAILS (my topic is CRISPR genome editing)
Once you have chosen your topic, focus on the following research
1. An overview of the topic (include what it is, how long it has
been going on, where it is at now, past and projected timelines
if possible)
2. The science behind the topic
3.What are the benefits and controversies? Or negative and
positive impacts? Include here your own opinion about whether
or not the technology should be used
Using the topic that you chose, create a visual presentation
using Google Slides,
Combine text and visual to engage and educate your audience
Minimum 12 slides
You may include short video clips (ma
num 20 sec)
don’t use too many words on the slides, use bullet
-if you’re presenting or putting audio over the presentation, you
can speak about each line more extensively
-possible guideline: maximum 6 words and 6 lines
I use lots of pictures, diagrams, photographs, embed video
per slide
(short clips)
(create a presentation that would interest and educate YOU)
Your research must be referenced.
Use APA format
Cite at least three (3) references

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