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For this interactive assignment, you will create three MySQL database tables and

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For this interactive assignment, you will create three MySQL database
tables and write SQL scripts to read, insert, and delete data. The
first database table will contain the names of at least four of your
favorite movies. The second table will be a list of actors who appear in
the movies. The third table will be an associative table that describes
the relationship between the actors and their movies (which actors
appear in which movies). Actors and movies have a “many-to-many
relationship,” meaning an actor can be in multiple movies and a movie
can have multiple actors.
Use the MySQL Database Instructions
Download MySQL Database Instructions
to create the three tables.
Once you have completed your three tables, create a “join”
statement that joins data from all three tables. Remember that field
names used in more than one table (ASIN, ActorID) must be fully
qualified (i.e., dvdtitle, ASIN).
The previous SQL query returns a separate record for each
actor. Provide a way to group results from several records into a single
General guidelines for this interactive assignment:
String values in SQL statements are always enclosed within
single quotes. ASIN and Title are both strings and require single
quotes. For instance, your insert statement will look something like
$sql = “Insert into dvdtitles (asin, title, price) VALUES (‘$asin’, ‘$title’, $price)”;
SQL debugging tip: check your SQL statement before you
execute it. Put the following line of code immediately before the
mysql_query($strSQL) statement.
When retrieving ASIN from the querystring, remember that ASIN is a string, not a number.
Once you have completed the assignment, include the following in your initial post:
A Word document with screenshots of the tables you created.
A Word document with the SQL statements that you used to create the tables and populate them with data.
Explain how you grouped results from several records into a single row.

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