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Book Review/Essay, “Finding Manana” By Mirta Ojito Your second writing assignmen

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Book Review/Essay, “Finding Manana” By Mirta Ojito
Your second writing assignment is a 6-8 page book review/report of
“Finding Manana” by Mirta Ojito. Ojito was a young woman who left Cuba
with her family during the Mariel boatlift in 1980 and came to the U.S.,
where she learned English, attended FAU, and ended up becoming a
Pulitzer-prize winning journalist (at the Miami Herald) so she has a certain
amount in common with you. Goal:
1. Read the entire book
2. Give a brief summary of it and
3. Write a response/reaction to it, placing some of what you write
in historical context.
Questions to guide you:
 From a historical perspective: what is the background history of
Cuba? Who was Fidel Castro? What was the Mariel Boatlift?
What impact did it have on American public life and foreign
policy, and what impact did it have, if any, on American policies
toward immigrants? (This you can look up in the library
databases; please cite the URL of your sources in parentheses)
 About the book itself: how do you feel about it? Are there parts
of it that you especially like or dislike, or parts that speak to you
in a particularly strong way, or places where you feel a
particular empathy for Mirta? What were you surprised or struck
by? How could you compare you own life experience to Mirta’s?
 Details of the book: What are your impressions of the
descriptions she gives of life in Cuba as opposed to life in the
U.S.? Why do you think her family wanted so badly to leave?
What do you learn about the way the Cuban system works from
the book and your background reading, and how do you think it
affects the population there, especially young people? What
might some say are the good points of the Cuban system of
life? What did Fidel Castro do during this period that sent more
immigrants to the U.S.? Why were they willing to go through
such an experience to leave the country?
 About Mirta: In what way is she conflicted in her feelings?
(loving her native land and wanting to stay vs. wanting to leave;
conflicts with her parents; conflicts with what she is taught in
school, etc.). What do you think of the way she writes about her
family and her relationship with them? What does she write
about her feelings concerning the United States?
Your paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins. Please put
your name, date, and the name of the class on the first page and your last
name and the page number on the rest of the pages. If you refer to
sources, please cite them in parentheses and include a “works cited”
Link to order the book on Amazon if you don’t have it already:
qid=1585020704&sr=8-1 (Links to an external site.)

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