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I adeed an outline in the bottom link as a pdf file. Research paper outline His

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I adeed an outline in the bottom link as a pdf file. Research paper outline Hist101 (Must
include a bibliography and regular in-text citations.) (show that you’ve looked at books, essays,
journals and primary sources than you will if you use web sources alone and
Use footnotes or end notes.)
(Example: Howard Zinn suggests that
early founders of the United States rallied poor whites to fight in the war
against England “without ending either slavery or inequality.” [1])
You are to write between 8 pages
(approximately 2000 words) on a topic that deals with a person, place, event,
movement, or other approved subject pertaining to the period of world history
covered in this class (1600-present). The finished paper must be turned in on typewritten paper, be
double-spaced, using a 12-point font with one-inch margins. Any photos, charts, or maps you use do not
count as one of the required pages, nor does a title page or the bibliography.
The range of sources you use will factor into your grade. In other words, you’ll score more points if
you show that you’ve looked at books, essays, journals and primary sources than
you will if you use web sources alone. Include your name, the date submitted, and the title of your paper at
the top of the first page. You must
include a bibliography and regular in-text citations. If you don’t know what either of these
conditions mean, we should talk to clarify. Watch spelling and grammar! Get
someone to proofread your paper before you turn it in. Make sure that you underline your
thesis statement where it appears in the body of the text of your essay. Jessica Zazueta
Professor: Rich Schultz
September 26, 2021
A key
ingredient to add to the mix here is the timing of the resuscitation of the
Olympic games at the end of the 19th century. For starters, this keeps the paper within the time period of our class in
strong ways. How, from there, to build up to an argument in 9 pages? One way might be to look for key moments in the development of the Olympic games, all the way to the slight disaster yet
successful Tokyo games.
There may
be a clue there: nationalism. These days, the Olympics serves as a way to bolster the idea of the
nation state as a principal organizer and divider of Earth’s peoples. The idea is simple: rather than compete in
actual wars, we can game it. North Korea
and the US can meet on a soccer pitch or in a weightlifting competition – no
bombs required.
Topics to cover in essay
· Pierre de coubertine beelieed in the spiri
He was responsible for bringing back the Olympics and later
the Olympic creed “”The important thing in life is not the triumph, but
the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought
With this Idealized image of what the Olympics could be,
Goubertine set out to create the International Olympic Committee founded in
1894 then 2 years later the 1896, the first ever modern Olympic games were held
in Athens, Greece. The 1896 Olympics were held in the Pan athniecs stadium in
Athens, Greece built in the 6
Th century BC.
· 1912 Coubertin designed the Olympic rings that
we know and love today. What do those rings
mean? Unity and the world coming together to better themselves through
sportsmanship. · As early as 1900, women athletes and black athletes
were allowed to participate in the games
· 1960 Paralympic Games were a tremendous step
forward in sport created for athletes with physical disabilities.
· 2016 Refugee Olympic team created for those
athletes who were also refugees
· 1986 was when they first allowed professional
athletes to participate in the Olympics.
Notes: the games themselves were very inclusive the organization has been used
to push political propaganda for better of for worse and learning about the
Olympic games can tell us a larger story of what was happening around the world
for example: · 1936 the Olympic games were held in berlin
(Natzi Germany at the time) Hitler wanted to use the games to perpetuate his ideas of a superior
race, this backfired when Jessy owens a black US athlete won 4 gold metals for
his running and all Hitler could do was refuse to shake his hand. · 20 years after world war 2 in 1964 The Olympics
were held in Japan. This marked Japan’s
emergence from the war as not an enemy, but a peaceful country.
· 1968 during the Mexico Olympics, 2 runners
Tommie Smith and John Carlos protested against racial violence in America
leading to their suspension from the US team.
· 1972 Munich Olympics?
· 1980 during the cold war, the U.S hokey team and
the soviet union hokey team went head-to-head in an event that sports
illustrated called “the top sports moment of the 20th century”
· 6 months after the 9/11 attacks in New York, the
salt lake city Olympics signified a resilient nation that could overcome fear
and safely gather together again.

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