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Instructions First, An example of a debate on the limits of free speech occurred

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An example of a debate on the limits of free speech occurred around the issue of the Stolen Valor Act. You can find more information regarding this case at the link below:
(note: you may listen to the oral arguments before the Supreme Court as well as read the full opinion announcement on this site)
Read the Stolen Valor Act decision (United States v. Alvarez) and discuss whether this was decided correctly with your classmates. The full decision, written by Justice Kennedy, is available at the above link (search for it on page).
One of the ongoing debates in civil liberties is whether the government can limit individual rights and to what extent. Great freedom is given to individual rights in our system, but there may be limitations and factors considered are public safety, collective interest of society, and rights of others.
As you know since March 2020 there have been government issued lockdowns, limitations on businesses, limitations on religious and social gatherings as well as mask mandates in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. There was some opening of certain states with no restrictions leading many to warn about the potential of infections increasing with new variants still spreading. The restrictions have varied by state and localities as no national orders were given in 2020 except international travel restrictions. In 2021, there has been a federal mandate to wear masks which impacts federal properties and many transportation entities subject to federal regulations. Coronavirus restrictions are one example where there has been tension between persons who claim these are violations of civil liberties or individual rights and government noting its need to institute limitations for reasons like public safety, the collective interest of society and the rights of others.
For this discussion forum, please answer all of the following questions:
Do you believe that there should be government guidelines that are discretionary for the public to follow or mandates that can be enforced by the government if violated?
What do you believe should be the guidelines or mandates at this time related to the pandemic?
Assuming there are government mandates in place for this question –
Do you believe there should be a punishment for those who don’t follow government issued mandates?
If so, what should be the punishment for individuals and for businesses or entities (like religious groups or non-profits)?
Vaccines may lead to an ability to return to normal life but could only be effective if the majority of the population gets vaccinations.
Should vaccination be required for certain activities? What activities or jobs do you believe should have policies related to vaccines?
Why or why not? Explain your answer.
One example could be school enrollment. Do you believe there should be rules for teachers or students? Should they be the same or different?
When would you feel safe returning to in-person classes? What conditions would you want in place?
Please read the below article, “On Liberty” by John Stuart Mill’s. Please take notes on Mill’s main ideas. You will submit a two paragraph response paper to this piece. In the first paragraph, you will summarize Mill’s main arguments and in your second paragraph you will provide your own reaction, reflection or critique of the ideas presented in the article. Write a response to the Mill article. Your response must be at least two paragraphs in length with each paragraph at least 6 sentences long (though you may write more). In the first paragraph, briefly summarize the article’s main points. In the second paragraph, offer your ‘response’ to the author’s argument.
Support your argument using the text, your knowledge of American politics and outside sources (if necessary).

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