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Finding and Developing Frameworks In the first part of this assignment you will

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Finding and Developing Frameworks
In the first part of this assignment you will reverse engineer the conceptual framework and operationalization tables and answer a few other questions about an article. In the second part of the assignment. You will be given a research context and asked to develop possible research purpose statements, a conceptual framework and operationalization tables. You need to use one of the research purpose-framework pairs that were found in the Playbook. This exercise is designed to help you eventually build your own research proposal. You are encouraged to get into groups to discuss how to approach this assignment, particularly for part 2.
1. Finding Frameworks in the scholarly literature. (50 Points)
Choose between the following articles:
a. Booth, B. (2003). Contextual Effects of Military Presence on Women’s Earnings. Armed Forces & Society, 30(1), 25–51.
b. La Rocca, M. A., & Groves, K. S. (2021). Transformational Leadership in Extreme Contexts: Associations with Post-traumatic Growth and Self-Efficacy Among Combat Veterans. Armed Forces & Society.
To Do:
Specify the type of purpose used. (5 points)
Specify the mode of data collection. (5 points)
Construct a conceptual framework table. Note all conceptual framework tables need a corresponding bibliography. Use APA. (17 points)
Construct an operationalization table (the more detailed the better). (18 points)
Which hypotheses were supported? How do you know? (5 points)
2. Developing Frameworks in Applied Research (Scenarios and the literature). Choose between the two scenarios. (50 points)
In this assignment, you will show you understand how to craft preliminary research purpose statements, build a conceptual frameworks and develop an operationalization table. The purpose statement, framework and operationalization table should be crafted using material from the Playbook.In the assignment, you should use one of the purpose/framework pairs found in Chapters 1 – 6. The framework can be built using the literature referred to in the scenario and other articles or books you find through a careful literature search.
Scenario One
Scott works for a city that has just experienced several ethics related scandals among its political leaders and city staff. The city council is interested in reviewing and upgrading the city’s ethics policy. Scott is responsible for the initial work on this project. It is time for an ethics audit. Just what is the city doing to ensure there is an ethical climate. He found “Ethics Management in Municipal Governments and Large Firms: Exploring Similarities and Differences” by Evan Berman, Jonathan West and Anita Cava in a 1994 Administration & Society journal. It highlighted ethics management strategies used by cities and firms.
Scott would like to assess his city’s ethics strategies. He would also like to know how well his city communicates with citizens about its ethics strategies. He learned that the city adopted a code of ethics eight years ago. He wonders what the effect of the code of ethics might have had on ethics complaints by citizens.
Scenario Two
Mary is concerned about what seems to be a growing level of violence in her community. She learns about the concept of “Positive Peace” (presence of the attitudes, institutions and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies). She finds the Institute for Economics and Peace’s 2016 Global Peace Index publication ( ). There she finds a chapter on positive peace and the pillars of positive peace. She wonders if she could apply these pillars to assess where elements of positive peace could be improved in her community. She finds another piece of research that used the pillars of positive peace to rank the peacefulness of cities in the United States. She wonders whether Cities with higher levels of positive peace also have stronger levels of community wellbeing (lower infant mortality, average level of education, community happiness etc.).
To Do: Pick a scenario.
State a research purpose. (10 points)
Develop a conceptual framework table (remember conceptual framework tables need bibliographies. (Use APA.). (20 points)
Develop an operationalization table. (20 points)

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