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Take a product that you are familiar with, and map it through the buyer behavior

Take a product that you are familiar with, and map it through the buyer behavior process (e.g. buying a bike, skis, golf clubs, mobile phone, headphones). How linear is the process as you imagine yourself going thru each stage? What could happen at each stage that might force you to go back to a previous one? Where would you obtain contradictory evidence?
If you were a marketer of your product, how would you reduce cognitive dissonance (these disconfirming factors that slow down the purchase cycle)?
The information on this paper us based on :
Understanding Buyer BehaviorBuyer Behavior ProcessBrand and Product ManagementGBUS 322Chapter 5
Objectives• Understand the overall buyer behavior process• Know how companies can use the buyer behavior process to help market to consumers• Recognize the variations that could occur in the buyer behavior process
Need recognition: consumer recognizes that he/she has a need information search: consumer searches for information evaluation of alternatives: consumer looks at the different available and viable options, then weighs the upsides and downsides of each9/27/20213
Purchase: consumer decides to purchase, including where and how to purchaseReaction (also called “Post-purchase Behavior”): consumer has consumed the “product,” be it a physical product or service, and is pleased or displeased9/27/20214
The Buyer Behavior Process helps marketers understand what a customer goes through during a purchase.
ConsumptionUsing a good or service to fill a need.9/27/20216
Need Recognition
NeedA gap between a consumer’s current state and his/her desired state9/27/20218
Internal Cues • Comes from within a person• Can be hunger or thirst• Comes from the environment• Can be an advertisementExternal Cues
Marketing can serve as an external cue of a need, either by pointing out a new desired state for a consumer or by showing how the consumer’s current state is insufficientMarketing can also point out where current behavior is insufficientHow to Market in Need Recognition9/27/202110
Marketing can shape a consumer’s perception of his or her needs.
Information SearchIn the information search stage, the consumer looks for information on what might fulfill his or her need.
Top of Mind AwarenessThe brands that a consumer first recalls from memory9/27/202113
A consideration set is what is left after all obviously unsuitable choices are ruled out
Where do consumers look for information?• Internal Search: past experiences or memory• External search: Looking for information from outside sources

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