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Instructions: You are to write a short paper with a kinematic biomechanical anal

Instructions: You are to write a short paper with a kinematic biomechanical analysis
of an activity of your choice. The activity can be something that you perform, or of a
video clip that you find online. It can be any activity that involves movement.
Examples could be a soccer kick, a football play, a basketball action or something
similar. It should be of a specific skill or activity of your choice. The purpose of this
assignment is to show that you can take the biomechanical principles and apply them to an actual motion.
Your paper should have 2 parts:
1) Definition and description of action – in this section write a few paragraphs
where you describe the activity that you will analyze. You should explain
what the action is and its objective. Talk about where you got your data (your
video) and have a few photos of the action. Make sure you describe what the
person is trying to accomplish with the action. A figure or two may be
appropriate here
2) Kinematic Description – in this section you should describe using kinematic
terms what the joint actions are of all of the body segments that are used
during performance. You should also talk about what displacements,
velocities, and accelerations of body segments that are occurring. Making this
section into subsections may help with your analysis. There are two ways to
organize this section:
a. Phases – there may be a few phases actions that occur if the action is
sequential. For example, if your activity was a golf swing, there could
be a downswing phase, a contact with the ball phase, and a follow
b. Joints – since the action will require joint motions, you could describe
the actions joint by joint throughout the body
In order to complete this assignment, you will need to get your action on video, and
watch the video, possibly in slow motion, a few times and study the entire body.
Make notes about the kinematics involved. Once you do this, you can organize your
paper to describe the motion.
Your deliverable is a short paper, consisting of grammatically-correct paragraphs
and potentially bullet points and figures. The paper should be double-spaced and of
sufficient length to describe your action to someone who might not be familiar with
the activity or biomechanical analyses

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