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At least two or more sources need to be added to each discussion, no source can

At least two or more sources need to be added to each discussion, no source can be more than five years old, and each discussion needs to be at least 250 words or more. The discussions need to be written in third person, and no first person.
the first discussion is due October 16th and the second discussion is due October 18th
Unit 7 discussion 1 is due October 23rd, and Unit 7 discussion 2 is due October 25th
Unit 8 discussion 1 is due October 30th and Unit 8 discussion 2 is due November 1st.
1: Through its collective effort, public policy and health care have been embedded together for decades. There are organizations such as National Health Council (NHC) that has been advocating for patient quality care, policy change, and so much more. Should public policy be used to drive changes in health care and organizations? Why or why not? Support your view.
2: Public policy exerts significant influence on health care through regulations that address nearly every aspect of health care. These regulations are based on the health care needs of the community stakeholders. In the absence of public policy and regulation of the health care industry, could the effectiveness of health care organizations be sustained at current levels? Why or why not? Could effectiveness be improved? Why or why not?
3: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will certainly have an economic influence on American consumers and providers of health care insurance. To what extent might the ACA influence the fiscal stability of health care organizations? Why?
4: This is the second discussion in unit 7. As the American federal government continues to enact legislation regulating the health care industry in general and health care finance in particular, how might health care organizations need to adapt to ensure continued delivery of quality patient care? Why?
5: Which of the current trends in health care regulation reform will have the most positive influence on quality of care and organizational sustainability? Why? Which trends will have the most negative influence? Why?
6: Initially introduced in RES-820, the Theoretical Foundations section of the dissertation identifies and discusses the theory(ies) or model(s) that provide the foundation for the research study. In this section, the learner also provides an explanation of how the problem under investigation relates to the theory or model. The seminal source (often works more than five years old) for each theory or model presented in this section should be identified and described. The learner should cite references reflective of the foundational, historical, and current literature in the field. Introduced in RES-815 and mentioned again in RES-820, the practical counterpart to the theoretical foundation of the study is the feasibility of the study in which consideration is given to the practical ability to conduct the study.
Using your present knowledge of the problem space and the literature landscape surrounding your proposed problem statement, briefly describe the theoretical foundation of your study. Paste the draft of the theoretical foundations discussion into the “Theoretical Foundations” section of Chapter 2 in the Dissertation Template (available on the DC Network).
In a separate paragraph, address whether studying this problem is feasible. Consider the following as you ponder the feasibility of the potential study:
Can you reasonably, ethically, and legally obtain access to the people to whom you need to speak?
How will you access those people?
Will you be able to collect the data necessary to address the problem?
Paste a summary of the feasibility of the study into the “Summary and Organization of the Remainder of the Study” section of Chapter 1 of the Dissertation Template, and address any of the items possible at this point in Appendix F of the Template.
Save the template with your work to your computer using the naming convention DissertationDraft.LastName,FirstName.Date, and attach the saved document to your initial post in the forum.
Critique the responses of your classmates, and revise your own work based on the feedback from classmates and your instructor.
Paste the revised theoretical foundations discussion and the feasibility of the study information into the relevant sections in the Dissertation Template as noted above.
Save the revised template with your work to your computer using the naming convention DissertationDraft.LastName,FirstName.Date, and attach the saved document to your final response in the forum.

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