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The context of this Assignment is a business organization called Impossible Food

The context of this Assignment is a business organization called Impossible Food and their interest in entering the Australian market.
Assessment 3 involves building on the insights from your first and second assignments where you have developed a strategy for our case study organisation (Links to an external site.) to enter Australia. Your focus should be on integrating the findings and feedback from your previous assignments and then building upon these to create an actionable strategic plan. The plan has to be achievable and realistic and you have to clearly demonstrate why your plan will help our case study organisation achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.
I am required to:
Produce a high-level implementation plan on how to enter and win in the Australian market. TIP: You may wish to include how you will identify and manage relevant stakeholders.
Investigate and choose appropriate strategy evaluation and measurement systems to support the strategy.
Provide a reflection on your key learnings of strategy and strategic management from your experience in consulting to our case study organization through your assessments in this course. Note: This will be valuable for your career development learning as it involves inquiry that promotes critical reflection that can help guide lifelong learning.
Your report must include an executive summary of no more than 300 words (not included in word count) and as per report guidelines must include a table of contents, introduction and conclusion.
For every section
(or sub-section where necessary), you must introduce it by saying what the
contents are about, why it is being presented, and how it will be executed.
For any analytical tool that you use, always
explain upfront its concept and operationalization. your explanation is
necessary to demonstrate that you have correct knowledge and understanding.
also explain how it is going to be applied, in its original context or in other
Please refer below for each section to be discussed in detail:
1. High-Level
Strategy Implementation Plan
1.1 High-Level Goals
Propose some high-level goals
based on the Balanced Scorecard metrics over the next 3 years. DO NOT EXPLAIN
Explain these are goals that are
typically articulated by senior management (e.g., the CEO) as part of strategy
execution. That’s why they are called high-level. Refer to the article “Rapid Cycle
CEO”, the box on page 26.
They are not finely quantified.
Time frames are usually one year or more.
They cannot be measured
directly. The metrics in the BSC will be the indicators that measure them.
In our case, they must
ultimately reflect the 4 perspectives of the BSC.
Financial Perspective – e.g., Revenue;
Profits; Efficiency Ratio; Profit Margin
Customer Perspective – e.g., market
share; market penetration; revenue per customer; customer satisfaction;
customer loyalty; brand recognition; brand identity; brand image.
Internal Process Perspective – e.g.,
cost reduction; improvement in quality; logistics; new product development
process, etc
Learning & Growth
Perspective – e.g., R&D Investment; Customer Relationship Management, T&D
costs; knowledge management; etc.
1.2 Stakeholder Mapping
Concise and complete
explanation of this framework. More effective to include diagram.
Identify and allocate as many
stakeholders as possible in the diagram and discuss each group of stakeholders
in terms of their relative level of attention and power, and also if they are
likely to be blockers or facilitators.
Also examine if their positions
are likely to change.
Recommend any remedial action
for blockers, e.g., seeking help from facilitators, improve channels of
communication. Recommend any action required to manage powerful stakeholders.
1.3 McKinsey’s 7S Model
Concise and complete
explanation of this framework. More effective to include diagram.
Discuss some of the elements in
the framework that need to be changed or the nature of element that need to be
put in place because of your new strategy.
1.4 Timeline (Gantt Chart)
Items in the Gantt chart should
reflect activities/actions/programs from the high-level goals, stakeholder
mapping, and the 7-S framework that need to take place.
Use quarterly timeframes over 3
years. This is a high-level plan. So, there’s no need to go into finer
2. Strategy
Evaluation and Measurement
Concise and complete
explanation of the BSC framework. More effective to include diagram.
Identify the metrics that
should be used for each perspective.
Explain how these metrics would
reflect the performance of your strategy.
Also explain how the metrics
reflect the high-level goals set at the beginning.
Illustrate your explanations
with the strategy map.
3. Reflection
What have I learned?
What utilitarian values did I
find the academic theories of strategic management
Did I learn anything about
As a result of learning this
subject did it affect my knowledge and understanding of other subjects?
Did I unlearn anything about this
subject or related subjects?
How has the learning affected you?
Any motivation to learn more,
or you won’t be going anywhere near it anymore? Why?
Has the learning journey change
your mind about any personal or career goals?
Will the learning change the
way you conduct yourself professionally and socially?
Overall opinion and feelings about this learning journey
Any positives and negatives
about the way this course was conducted for you? Briefly explain.
Any suggestions for changes to
this learning journey for future learners?
The overall value of this
course to education in general and to the business world.

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