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Purpose of this Assessment The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an u

Purpose of this Assessment
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of how information technology can be implemented and used to support the needs of business
Items Required for Submission
The item required for submission is an 11-16 page Information Technology Plan for Biggie Logistics.
Step ONE: Preparation
• To prepare for this assignment, read the case study here and consider the needs and circumstances of the organization in the study.
• After understanding the details presented, research credible academic resources to support the recommendations you will make in your Information
Technology Plan. Include at least five of these in the reference section of your Information Technology Plan, and cite them appropriately throughout your
Case Study
You have been hired as the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a large logistics company called Biggie Logistics. Biggie Logistics is moving its operations to
Ontario, Calif., so they can take advantage of access to the ports, rail, and freeway networks; and because the president, Mr. Big, likes the weather. The new
facility is a 20-acre campus of six large warehouses and a single two-story office building in the center of the campus, which will serve as the corporate office and
that will house Mr. Big and key company executives. Total staffing in the office building is expected to be between 50 to 100 people. The warehouse buildings are
100,000 to 200,000 square feet each, with only interior roof supports and four walls, all of which have loading doors.
Mr. Big is an important, successful businessman with a lot of street smarts. Unfortunately, he does not know much about technology and is counting on you to
explain in clear, common language what this technology stuff is all about. Since he never got around to going to college, he especially values academic research
to support recommendations made by his staff. During your initial meeting with Mr. Big, you learn of his particular areas of concern for the new operations center.
As CIO, Mr. Big is counting on you to set up the IT infrastructure at the new location.
Networks and Networking
Biggie Logistics needs staff to be able to communicate internally. In particular, Mr. Big would like answers to the following questions. Be sure to point out the best
solution, and show why other possibilities would not work as well.
❏ What type of network infrastructure would allow the internal staff to receive email from each other?
❏ What type of topology would you recommend for the network?
The Biggie Logistics new office building has Category 6 cabling for basic phone and network connectivity. Mr. Big explained that he is seeking your advice on how
to establish connectivity between the warehouses and the office building. Since disturbing the trucks coming and going is not an option, you have ruled out fiber
and twisted pair cabling connections.
❏ What wireless solution will you recommend, and why? In this section of the Information Technology Plan, define the problem, limitations and constraints,
describe the recommendations and go through the alternatives and why you chose your solution. Make sure to cover the Wireless Network Topology
selection and provide a detailed discussion of Wireless Network Security.
Since Biggies Logistics is a U.S. government contractor, there are a couple of specific network security requirements for their campus, including: (1) it will be
required to provide confidential data security throughout the campus and (2) it will be necessary to implement a security program that will evaluate the privacy
and security risks and countermeasures associated with the various networking technologies used by Biggie Logistics.
❏ Mr. Big wants to know how he can meet the government contractor “confidentiality” contractual obligation. What will you recommend?
Mr. Big would also like you to outline a security program for Biggie Logistics. He would like details about the implementation plan regarding the key elements for
your security program.
❏ What is important to consider as you make recommendations? Be sure to include Risk Assessment (risk matrix, ongoing process,
continuously/regularly), Conduct Penetration Testing, and End User Education.
Computer Hardware, Software, and Databases
Currently, Biggie Logistics has no hardware, software, or databases. Mr. Big has asked for your recommendation regarding what the company should use. He
wants the selections to be scaled to the organization’s projected size, and also be cost-effective to purchase, operate, and maintain.
❏ What will you recommend, and why?
1. Please explain hardware form factors variations and make appropriate selections.
2. Discuss the types of software that you would recommend for Biggie Logistics.
3. Describe database differences and the selection methodology you used to select the appropriate database for the company.
Biggie Logistics will receive goods from all over the world, and will need to communicate with numerous vendors and suppliers over the Internet. Mr. Biggie
would like an explanation of the Internet and the technologies related to its effective use and communication. Naturally, Biggie Logistics plans to communicate
externally via email. Mr. Big would like to know what type of network device would allow his internal staff to connect to an Internet Service Provider and a web
based email hosting solution provider, so that they can receive email from customers.
❏ What exactly is the Internet? Explain to Mr. Big what the Internet is, compare it to an internetwork, and explain the role of an ISP. Describe and provide the
function of a domain name, URL and browser. Finally, describe the domain name system (DNS) and the role the DNS hierarchy plays in the function of
the Internet.
❏ What type of network device would allow his internal staff to connect to an Internet Service Provider and a web-based email hosting solution provider, so
they can receive email from customers? Identify the device and its two common names and describe its functions at the packet level.
Biggie Logistics has communications needs that span the globe, therefore it must ensure that it has the ability to communicate via the Internet and by phone,
regardless of damage caused by a natural disaster, such as a California earthquake.
❏ Mr. Big wants your advice on how to set up an infrastructure for this potential communications challenge. What technology will you recommend?
Step TWO: Completing the Written Report
The written report must follow APA formatting and include the following sections. Each section should include the relevant heading:
A. Title Page
B. Introduction of the Information Technology Plan (1/2 to 1 page)
C. Networks and Networking (4 to 5 pages)
D. Computer Hardware, Software, and Databases (2 to 3 pages)
E. Internet (3 to 5 pages)
F. Summary (1/2 to 1 page)
G. References (1 page)
Step THREE: Complete Checklist for Submission
Before you submit, check to see if you believe you have met the criteria noted below.
Did you…
ü Provide an insightful and thorough analysis and presentation of all products and issues as they relate to the company? Did you make sure your
comparisons are clear and advantages are clearly defined and described?
ü Demonstrate sophisticated understanding of all Information Technology issues?
ü Develop a plan that demonstrates a sophisticated ability to integrate and synthesize materials from learning materials?
ü Consistently and accurately recommend solutions to technology problems posed?
ü Accurately and precisely integrate at least five references into the Information Technology Plan and provide well-documented in-text citations and a
reference page?
ü Make sure your writing is logical and organized? Is your writing free of errors in grammar, spelling and writing mechanics? Is your report of the specified
length. Did you follow APA formatting throughout?

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