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NAME AND SECTION: John Holmes III PSY-150-2103 Guidelines for PSY 150 paper Goal

NAME AND SECTION: John Holmes III PSY-150-2103
Guidelines for PSY 150 paper
Students will be able to critically analyze research in psychology by
identifying basic components (i.e. hypotheses, IV, DV, etc.), critique possible
research flaws, draw own conclusions regarding the research, and relate the
practicality of the research to their personal and/or professional lives by
writing a formal academic paper. It is a report, not a narrative.
1. Choose an article from a prominent psychological
journal. The instructor will pass around
a list of approved articles. You will
select one from the list and then find it on your own using psycINFO. You can
easily get to psycINFO by going to the Wake Tech Library webpage, clicking on
the articles tab, and scrolling down until you find psycINFO. Print out a copy of the article and show
instructor by AUG
You may email the article to the instructor if you choose. There will be 5% deducted from your grade if
you are late submitting your article.
2. Read the article. This is the hardest part. Expect to read it 3-5 times before mastering
the content. These articles are written
for PhD’s, not freshman. See the handout
in Blackboard on how to read and journal article for extra assistance.
3. Write a
THREE page analyses paper. This
paper is to be typed, double-spaced, with 12 point Times New Roman font and 1
inch margins. Note: this may not be the
default setting on your computer. It
should be THREE pages long
(excluding the title page). Do not go on to a 4th page or it will
result in a grade reduction. Papers which are less than three pages will have a
significant point reduction. Spelling
and grammar mistakes will affect the grade.
To prevent biases in grading, DO NOT
write your last name on pages of the paper.
Only write your name on the title page.
Points will be deducted. I am
aware that this is not part of MLA formatting rules.
Be sure to address the following (give each
section its own heading):
of the research. What is the question
being addressed in the article? What is
the hypothesis? Can you define unusual terms used by the researchers?
and procedures. How was the study
conducted? (Be Brief!) What methods were
they using?
*Results. What conclusions were the authors able to
make? Was the hypothesis supported?
of the research. Write an objective analyses of the study. Is there something the researchers could have
done better? Were there flaws in their study? Could the study be improved? Draw your own conclusion on the accuracy of
their results and methods (minimal of three)
of the study. What professions would benefit
from this study? Can society apply this
information? Give specific examples (minimal of three)
Do not say “no one can use this information because there were too
many flaws.” Keep in mind that no study is perfect.
Any quotes need to be cited in the
paper with a page number. If you do not,
it is plagiarism. This is a short paper;
you should not quote more than ONE time.
Expect to write multiple drafts of this paper before submission. Have the ILC and/or a friend read your paper
before submission to get feedback on the quality of your work.
Tips: Avoid personal pronouns, contractions and the
word “very.” One point will be
deducted each time these are used. Be careful
to use commas correctly; each comma mistake is a .5 point reduction.
5. Make a title page. The
title page should include your name, section number, and full reference of the
article. MLA style is to be used for the
article’s reference. MLA will NOT be
used for this paper except for citations.
If you need assistance with MLA style or any other writing tips, please
go to the writing lab (ILC).
6. Attach the abstract from your article. In
addition to the paper and cover sheet, please attach a copy of the article’s abstract. Work will not be accepted without an
7. Turn in paper by end of class on the assigned day.
Paper must also be submitted on Blackboard through Safe Assign. This feature of Blackboard will check for
plagiarism. See Syllabus for due date (SEP 28th). Early
submission is encouraged. Computer
malfunctions are not valid excuses for failure to turn in a paper. The paper will NOT be accepted late.
Grading Rubric for PSY 150 Paper
Mechanics Grade (50 points total)
Page: 10 points (name and section
number worth 5 points each)
10 points
grammar, font, margins, and miscellaneous mechanics: 30 points
Content Grade (50 points total)
10 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
will not be graded if there is no abstract.
Note: Grades will be adjusted for papers which do
not meet the 3 page requirement. For
example, students who turn in half a paper can expect to earn a 50% for their

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