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Instructions: For your first reflection paper, choose one question from the foll

For your first reflection paper, choose one question from the following list and compose a response of no less than 500 words.
Your task is not to simply present the information from the reading, but to discuss theories, concepts, issues, and data regarding the topic you choose. Feel free to draw upon personal experience, whether from your present situation or past events that relate to the topic or issue.
Requirements: Format: Microsoft Word (doc. or docx.), at least 500 words, paragraph form (i.e., multiple paragraphs that logically flow from one to the next), double spaced, 1 inch margins. Use a font no larger than 12 pt. font. Use APA
(Links to an external site.)
or MLA
(Links to an external site.)
format for any citations you include in your paper, including the textbook (provide in-text citations for any sources you quote in your paper). Grading: I will use the following Rubric. Download Rubric.
Plagiarism Detection: This course requires you to submit your paper to a plagiarism detection site called SimCheck. In order to comply with federal (FERPA) and state privacy laws, you (students) are not required to include personal identifying information such as your name, SSN, and/or U# in the body of the work (text) or use such information in the file naming convention prior to submitting. You can opt to include your name, if you would like to.
Reflection Paper Topics:
(Choose ONE question for your reflection paper response)
The sociological perspective, as a way of thinking about the world, includes the concepts of sociological imaginationfrom C. Wright Mills, beginner’s mind from Bernard McGrane, and culture shock from anthropology. Define each concept in your own words and then explain what all three of these concepts have in common. (Chapter 1)
Compare and contrast conflict theory with structural functionalism. Pay special attention to the way each theory treats the origin of social change. (Chapter 1)
According to symbolic interactionism, describe how meaningful reality is created. (Chapter 1)
Describe the main features of postmodern social theory, and explain both positive and negative reactions to postmodernism. (Chapter 1)
Identify and describe the most essential elements of the theories of the classical sociological thinkers—Marx, Durkheim, and Weber. How do their visions of modernity differ? (Chapter 1)
In everyday life, it is assumed that science provides access to objective truths that will never change. However, the philosopher Thomas Kuhn argues that truth is relative and dependent upon the paradigm through which one sees the world. Explain what a paradigm is and how the scientific method can lead to paradigm shifts. Why should sociologists generally follow the steps of the scientific method or approach? (Chapter 2)
Each method of social research comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. This means that there is not necessarily a “right” answer to the question of which method should be used for a project. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using ethnographic research. (Chapter 2)
Culture is a very broad concept, so sociologists usually divide it into the concepts of material culture and symbolic culture. Identify and describe the major components of symbolic culture and provide examples for each. Which component do you think is the most important? Explain why. (Chapter 3)
Explain the difference between subcultures and countercultures, and give at least one example of each. (Chapter 3)
Cultures around the world are changing at an increasingly rapid pace. How does a cultural group change through contact with other cultures? Provide at least two examples of cultures in which this has happened. (Chapter 3)
Give at least two examples of hegemony in contemporary culture. Define hegemony and then explain, in detail, what makes your examples hegemonic. (Chapter 3)
What is resocialization? Give at least two examples of a circumstance in which resocialization would happen. (Chapter 4)
How do you think new forms of technology will change the role and significance of the four major agents of socialization? Give examples. (Chapter 4)
What is the Thomas theorem? Restate it in your own words and provide at least two examples of its application in the social world. (Chapter 4)
According to George Herbert Mead, how does the self develop? Which important developmental markers or milestones does he highlight? Give examples. (Chapter 4)

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