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Instructions Assignment 3: Artifact Paper (25%) Everyone has to use the integrat

Assignment 3: Artifact Paper (25%)
Everyone has to use the integrated Turnitin tool for the artifact paper. The use of Turnitin in this class is different than how you may have used it in the past, in that there is no need to create a separate account. You only need to submit your assignment within the classroom. Shortly after you submit your assignment you will receive helpful feedback to improve your writing from within the Turnitin software tool. Work on any improvements before submitting it on the due date.
Keep in mind stronger (“A”) papers will exceed the minimum requirements noted below. For specifics see the grading rubric below.
Task: To Investigate: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? And then, Analyze! You will write a 4-page, single-spaced (specifically 2,400 words minimum) paper in which you examine a form of a tangible gender communication (an artifact) i.e. TV episode, newspaper article, movie, song/music video, photograph, magazine, exhibit, advertisement, social media group or exchange, interview etc. You will give a clear description of your artifact answering thoroughly Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. You will then analyze your example employing AT LEAST 4 concepts from our weekly readings, modules (commentaries), and/or discussions.
Introduction (1/3 of a page minimum/specifically 200 words minimum):
A creative opening and attention getter
A strong thesis statement that clearly articulates your major claim of the paper
A clear preview statement that shows how you will organize your paper
Body (3 pages, single-spaced minimum/specifically 1,800 words minimum see the breakdown for each of the three sections of the body below):
You should thoroughly introduce your artifact using who, what, where, when, and how (400 words minimum).
Please give any background information you have about it such as when did it appear, how was it delivered, what is it about, why was it made, when was it made, what was the context in which the artifact emerged – controversy, situation, audience?
After this description, your reader should clearly understand it as a piece of gender communication.
Definitions of at least 4 concepts (minimum) you have chosen (use scholarly sources specific to the discipline of communication to define your concepts) (400 words minimum).
A discussion that connects your chosen concepts to your artifact (1,000 words minimum).
Questions to answer for each concept in your analysis (you may add additional questions as well):
Why/How does the concept relate to your artifact?
How does the artifact fit in, further, or work against other scholarly work you found? (Use peer-reviewed journal articles)
What were the responses to this artifact and how does that relate to the concepts/research you have found?
Implications/Conclusion (2/3 page minimum/specifically 400 words minimum):
A brief restatement of what you did in the paper.
Most importantly here is the discussion of so what? Why does your analysis matter? To gender communication studies? As part of larger implications for society? Bring closure to your submission
Sources: You should have a MINIMUM of six current sources (stronger papers will have more):
One must be your readings or modules/commentaries (you may use more but you still must meet the other source requirements as well)
Two can be popular press sources
Three MUST BE peer-reviewed journal articles on communication Four of your sources must come from UMGC’s online library
Proper APA in-text citations should be provided in addition to a reference page with full APA source citations.
Deductions for not meeting the following requirements are noted below:
Meet or exceed the word count for each individual section
be typed using a 12-point Times New Roman font
be single-spaced (nothing should be double spaced)
have one-inch margins on all sides
have a title page (that contains only the title, student’s name, and UMGC) –
the title page is numbered page 1 in the upper right hand corner
use the American Psychological Association (APA) format for citations (both in-text and/or reference list)
be well organized with the required subheadings for each section (as noted below)
be free of typos, grammatical errors, etc.
be submitted to both and your assignment folder by the due date. There is a 20 point deduction for submitting your artifact paper late and it is only accepted up until one week after the original due date.
be informative and provide solid support for the thesis
use quotations sparingly
all sources found on the reference page must be cited in the body of the paper with proper in-text citations
Use the required subheadings in your submission:
Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How

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