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HELP ME REWRITE a personal statement of no more than two pages discussing your a

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HELP ME REWRITE a personal statement of no more than two pages
discussing your academic achievements, career aspirations, personal goals, your
perception of your abilities, financial need, and other comments relevant to
your application. A description of your leadership roles and activities in
college or community activities should also be included.
How do I write this personal statement… Let’s
see I’ve always had a love for healthcare and a love for learning. When I was
only eight years old my mother enrolled me in Girl Scouts and from there we met
a nurse named Gloria who happened to be a Girl Scout Leader and a volunteer in
the American Red Cross Learn to swim program. From the early age of 8 years old
I was completing a new level with the Learn to Swim Program with Red Cross and
grew up in the program. At the very early age of 17 I was a Water Safety, CPR
& First Aid Instructor and was the Head Life Guard and worked for Houston
Parks and Recreation, that same year I completed my Gold Award in Girl Scouts
and graduated a year early from High School. To receive my Gold award in Girl
Scouts I had to coordinate a blood drive at my Local Church where I made my
Confirmation. From that point on I knew I wanted to do something in healthcare,
my love for saving lives became a way of life. I felt I could help contribute
in some sort of way and Enrolled at Ultrasound Diagnostic School and received my
Office of Administered Medical Assistant Certificate in 1997. That same year I got
married to an Active Duty Soldier when my husband got orders to go to the
Republic Of South Korea and was stationed at Camp Casey. We lived there for one
year where I conceived my first son Teddy, shortly after my husband received orders
to go to, Kitzingen, Germany, where we lived for the next three years. My
second son Eric was conceived in Kitzingen, Germany just 10 months later.
Shortly after giving birth to my second son my husband received orders for
deployment to Macedonia. After completing our three years in Germany my husband
received orders to Fort Hood, Texas. I was close enough to home so that my
mother could come in and babysit my two sons while I enrolled at Harker Heights
Fire Dept and completed my Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification,
while still volunteering for The American Red Cross teaching CPR and First Aid
Classes. During that time my husband was deployed in Iraq for 15 months. After
completing our time at Fort Hood we received orders to Move to Fort Benning,
GA, where my husband would spend another 15 months in Iraq. During Deployment
it was tough but I enrolled in College at Mountain State University AAS Medical
Assisting Program, while working in the field as a Home Health Care Nurse. From there we served 3 years at Fort Benning
before receiving orders to Fort Bragg, NC. Due to the area we were moving at I
had to give up the job I loved and had to find something in my field of Study,
so I decided to buy a house in a retirement community called Carolina Trace and
open up my own home healthcare business where I would be successful for the
next three years, Sadly I had to give up my small business and come back home
to Houston. In 2013 I moved back to Houston with my children and decided to
enroll in Sanford-Brown College (Sanford Brown college use to be Ultrasound
Diagnostic School) Where I graduated in Medical Assistant Program in 2015, I
took the credentialing test with American Medical Technologists in 2017, and
started to actively work in health care. While working my youngest son became
an EMT-Basic, and I decided to enroll at AIU to complete my degree in Healthcare
Management with a focus in Gerontology. Both of my sons have since graduated
High School and my youngest son is currently at Basic Training at Fort Benning,
GA. My oldest son graduated with works for HEB in high hopes to one day go to
college and become a computer engineer. I have since exhausted all financial
aid loans. I have only 5 classes left to complete my Bachelor’s degree in
healthcare management. Currently I work full time in health care as a
Registered Medical Assistant and part time in the evenings as a Federal
Work Study Student in the library where I help other students like me who are
trying to reach their academic goals while working and raising kids. During my studies here at the University I have received Dean’s
list and Presidents. It is an honor to be selected into Alpha Sigma Lambda. Please
consider me for this scholarship, thank you as is will be put to good use.

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