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Below is the full criteria for the paper. Basically I need a well though researc

Below is the full criteria for the paper. Basically I need a well though research paper on Virtue ethics, 5-7 pages long. I will add in citation from my book on my own. Make sure to use two other sources minimum. MLA format is my prefered formatting. Do not compare and contrast for sure. Research Paper While most anything we talk about in the semester, or readings in the text is a possible paper topic, it cannot be something too general. Research will have to be done for this paper, and it is expected that you will quote your textbook and at least 2 other sources. I do not care if you use APA, MLA, or Chicago for your formatting; however, one must be used and used correctly, so use the one with which you are most comfortable. Because, if you do not format your paper correctly, chances are you will violate one of the school’s plagiarism policies, and you will receive a 0 on the paper and be turned into the office. This paper should be 5-7 pages in length. This means there should be at least 3 pages of good philosophical/theological research on one topic. You CANNOT do a compare and contrast paper; you need to pick 1 topic/idea and research deep into it and its implications. Please note that any title pages and/or bibliography do not count towards page length, nor do any block/long quotes from your sources. Research papers do not have any personal opinions in them. All you are doing is what we did in class every day; just do not give any down-to-earth or recent examples that I did to help you understand the content. A research paper has a great thesis statement, and then pages of scholarly research to defend it. IT is not a persuasive, opinion, compare and contrast, or any other type of paper; it is a research paper. This should be a great research paper that you are ready to turn into the University you might be applying to when you leave here. The point of this paper is to prove that you can take what was given in the class, add to it, and continue to educate yourself on the topic the rest of your life. The best way to write a research paper is to read everything on the topic, form a thesis, write an outline with your main points, and then write your paper. Check out these websites for more info. on a research paper: It is worth 100-points and is due 2-weeks before the final (Summer semester the week before the final, Winter semester the last day of class). BUT if you get me a finished draft 1 week before it is due, I will look at it and help you perfect it to get the grade you want on it. I cannot do this past that 3-week mark because I have 75-
48/19/21100 papers every semester that come in that week. I will still answer any questions you have about them though. In Ethics, write an ethics paper, often I get a paper on one philosopher view of ethics and what it would say about something like abortion, marriage, weed, save the whales ect… DON’T! DO NOT give me 3 pages of stats on abortion in America, this would be a health/science paper and you will not like the grade. It must be an Ethics RESEARCH paper. Please just stick to the quotes and research. Do not give any examples from the news, movies, TV shows, or life. All you must do is pick Virtue Ethics, Utilitarianism, Deontology, or Existential Ethics and do what we did in class. But a word of warning, if you pick existentialism it must focus on their ethics and not a general existential paper (and don’t pick Sartre or Heidegger). Most of the EC papers would make good topics as well but email me first. These papers will be graded on a basic strike policy to keep it objective. If you do these and the topic relates to the class, you should get an A. I am looking for these specific things: 1. Turned in on time. 2. Page length (as long as it is not half a paper), 4 and a half pages is not 5. If it is not 5 full pages you will lose points, that is, at least 1-2 lines should spill over on the 6th page. If the check-out person at Wal-Mart says that will be 5.00$, do you hand them 4.76$ and say: “eah, good enough?” 1. In addition to the overall 5-page min. requirement, it must have 3 pages of good research discussed above and below. There must be some depth here, most intros, any biographical info, and conclusions do not have this depth. 3. Minimum required sources used (your textbook and 2 others), and you have in text citations of some kind. The two websites at the top of the Canvas page (in Ethics) are fine for the other two. Wikipedia and any Wiki’s will not count! In general, do not use .com pages find .org or .EDU!!!! 1. Dialog with sources, do not just throw in a quote, tie it to your thesis, break it down, does your thesis agree or disagree with it. This does not mean add your opinion, but does the quote agree or disagree with your thesis statement. 4. Correctly formatted: 1-inch margins, double spaced, 12 pt. font Times New Roman, and a proper bibliography/works cited page. All papers will have all these no matter what style you use to keep it equal for all. I have a very sensitive B.S.o-meter. 5. Contains 3 pages of good philosophical/theological research/content. 1. This also means that you will not use terms without defining them first. You must use the terms the philosopher you are researching uses and use them correctly. Likewise use the language we learned in class, or from your textbook, and define them. 2. You must pick one system or theory and stick with it throughout the paper with at least 3 pages of research. 1.In Ethics the 3 pages must be about an Ethical theory we talked about in class, or I mentioned, or that is about an Ethical theory that we did not have time to discuss in class. Email me to double check your topic if it is not one of the major theories we covered in class. 2.In Bible classes, you must stick with the topic you are researching, or the book of the Bible you are researching for the 3 pages of research. Do not do 3 pages of applying it to today’s world. 3. Not doing this will result in a grade of 50-60%, because you missed this requirement, and it will be too broad along with other criteria listed here. 6. Strong thesis statement in italics. A strong thesis statement is focused, specific, and gives details. I should know exactly where you are going in your paper and your 2-3 main points at the end of your thesis statement. It is not an introduction, it is a thesis statement, and you are putting it in ITALICS because if you cannot find it to italicize it, then I cannot find it either. Then every 58/19/21paragraph ties back to your thesis statement, and really proves it. If you are confused about this google it, or use your English Textbook, after those email me. Or go to the writing center tutors. There are tons of great websites like this one below. 1. Here is an example from a good website, 1.Don’t write, “Eating fast food is bad and should be avoided.” 2.Do write, “Americans should eliminate the regular consumption of fast food because the fast-food diet leads to preventable and expensive health issues, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.” 2. Another GREAT WEBSITE!!! 7. Topic relates to class. An ethics paper must be about ethics, and a Bible paper must be about the Bible. 8. Cannot be too broad, the paper needs to be researched and thought out. Not just a description, and not just stuff talked about in class, you need to add to what I gave you in class. Not just a summary or biography. 9. You cannot contradict yourself. This is more important in Ethics but will be some factor in a Bible Course. Each of these things that I do not find will be a strike against your grade worth 7-15 points. I do reserve the right to add a few points for things like originality, but do not plan on getting these. You will upload your paper to Canvas. And please do not send me google docs, or anything else like that, half of the time they do not open, or I must “request permission” from you to see it.

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